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Western Techies helped over 1,000,000 customers with 
IT solution services.

PC, Laptop, Mac

Western Techies are expert in solving all you issues related to Window’s ,MAC OS, or any other error you can get on your device.

Printer, Scanner, Devices

Western Techies are great at hardware issues too. Experts from Western Techies can help you in Download and  install Drivers.

Android Phone, Tablets

Western Techies can fix your Tablet , Phone, iPad issues in minute, no worries if it’s slow we can make it faster


We provide
creative solutions for all your needs!

Western Techies  working 24/7 to provide IT solutions to more than millions of satisfied customer with the help of advance Technology and security measures.

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We provide Advance Level IT Security

Western Techies are great with their IT Security services, they can protect your Digital life

IT Security

Western Techies can keep an eye on your devices so if you ever been attacked by Malwares, Trojans, Spamers , Phishing sites they will alert you instantly by using advance level security application.


Western Techies are afflilated  with McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, BitDefender and with other 75 antivirus provider so if customer want a specific security program we can deliver them.

Fastest Virus Removal Service 

Western Techies can instantly scan and remove any virus on your system, all you have to do follow the steps and instructions given by Western Techies 

Web Development & Security

Western Techies also help you with Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Cloud Hosting , Website Protection and much more.


App Design & Development

Western Techies are fully capable to create and manage your personal or business apps


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Zonealarm Error 1603

Zonealarm Error 1603

What is Zonealarm Error 1603 ? You may encounter an error with a code of 1603 when you try to install zonealarm on your Windows. The error message is basically[…]

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Zone Alarm Error 1619

What is Zone Alarm Error 1619 ? Run-time error 1619 occurs when ZoneAlarm fails or hangs during execution, hence its name. This does not necessarily mean that the code was[…]

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Quick Heal Internet Security

Quick Heal Internet Security

Install Quick Heal Internet Security Quick Heal Internet Security  provides comprehensive protection for Internet security against Web and network threats. The software eliminates the risk factors associated with online threats[…]

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