360 Cleaner


360 Cleaner


Smart Cleaner – Memory Booster & Applock is a master cleaner and uses a full booster application to erase unnecessary applications that run the background, clean RAM, clean cache and unnecessary files. It is integrated: battery saver, cache cleaner, RAM booster and application manager for Android phone. Are your Android device’s performance slowing down? Are unwanted applications and redundant files taking up storage space on your mobile device? Smart Cleaner – Memory Booster & Applock, the fast and powerful cleaner that helps you free up storage space, clean up memory, uninstall or disable unnecessary applications, get to know your device, optimize it, and accelerate. In one click, you’ll be the Android master optimizer, a processor cooler, free RAM, save battery.

360 Cleaner

Key Features of 360 Cleaner

Memory Booster – Task Killer

Many running background applications can eat a lot of RAM, your phone will be slower. Smart Cleaner – Memory Booster allows you to clean your phone, free up RAM, accelerate your device, save battery, save energy.

There are 5 ways to stimulate –

Auto-boost: boost the RAM automatically synchronization conditions – Home screen widget – tap once to restart (long press your home screen> Widget to add a Smart Booster widget) – Overlay Widget – Enable the RAM Booster overlay widget (enabled by default), adjust the position of the widget and tap the widget to increase your choice at any time. – Notification bar – a click to boost(toggle visibility of the notification bar in the application settings)

★ Clean Junk Files – Cache Cleaner
After a long use, your smartphone will have many useless files and the cache of the application or game, your phone will not have enough space to use. Smart Clean – Memory Booster allows you to delete cached files, residual useless files, unwanted ad files, and obsolete apks files to recover storage. Improve the performance of your device.

★ CPU cooler – Temperature down immediately
Speed ​​Booster – CPU Cooler is also a phone temperature cooler with protection against overheating Android. It dynamically analyzes CPU utilization, finds applications overheating, and closes them immediately to cool the phone’s temperature. CPU Cooler closes overheating applications to cool the phone’s temperature and save battery power.

★ Battery Saver – Battery Optimizer
Smartly records your device’s energy by knowing when to automatically activate the Smart Cleaner – Memory Booster feature, which saves you all the energy you need, when you need it the most. Fully powering the battery charge reminds to protect your battery from overcharging. Smart Cleaner – Memory Booster as a battery doctor for your smartphone.

★ Charging Optimize – Fast charge
Clean running background applications and optimize brightness, screen timeout, and settings to reduce charging time. A quick charger can help your device load quickly. Save your time.

★ Application Manager
App manager of Memory Booster – Cleaner & Applock help you uninstall apps or show details of installed application, so convenient.

★ Applock – Lock Apps
Lock your Apps, ex: SMS, Whatsapp and Facebook. No one can find out your secrets!

★ Vault – Hide picture, hide photo, hide video, hide file
Lock your photos, gallery and files from prying eyes and nosy friends.