360 Safeguard Free Download

360 safeguard free download

360 Safeguard Free Download



360 safeguard free download is a program developed by Qihoo 360, a company based in China. The main goal of 360 Safeguard is to stop computer viruses, malware, trojans and security patches for Windows. The Safeguard 360 Trojans scanner is cloud-based. It also has a heuristic engine built into the scanner. 360 safeguard free download is a unified solution for the security and performance of your PC. With the “Comprehensive Verification” feature, you can review the overall status of your computer in minutes and optimize it in the best possible condition with just one click.

The free download of 360 safeguard includes new and improved features, including real-time protection, that stop viruses and malware even before they reach your computer. 360 safeguard can strengthen your PC against malware and other types of malicious attacks. It has also been designed to help your system be fully optimized and run smoother. 360 Total Security is not only security software that protects you from viruses and cyber threats, but also a health care guard who takes care of your computer, from security to performance. Whether online or offline, it is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is always FREE.

Features of 360 Safeguard

  • 5 award winning security engines

Equipped with 5 powerful security engines, the 360 ​​has a high virus detection rate. Even the most devious malware can not hide.

  • Multilayer security

Programs displaying suspicious behavior are blocked as soon as they are detected. Malware may be well disguised, but 360 does not leave them anywhere to hide.

  • Anti phishing

Scammers use phishing tips to steal your personal information. 360 identifies fake emails and dangerous sites, preventing them from fooling you.

  • Anti-Ransomware

Ransomware is blocked even before you can lock your PC. Criminals can never get a cent from you!

  • Sandbox

Not sure if an unknown source file can damage your system? Sandbox offers you an isolated environment to test and avoid any risk.

  • Browser protection

Have you visited a site and suddenly your homepage has changed? 360 locks browser settings and frees you from hackers on the home page.

  • Keeping documents

Automatic backup and real-time monitoring effectively protect you from data hacking, malicious tampering, or data loss due to system failure.

  • Custom protection

Whether you’re a performance enthusiast or a security fan, you can always customize the protection mode and stay safe in all scenarios.

360 safeguard free download

Step 1: Download the 360 safeguard antivirus from the official website. Locate the installation file and double-click it to open it. Select your language and click “Install” to continue the installation.

Step 2: Once the program installed, open 360 safeguard and locate the toolbar on the left. Click on the “Full Verification” tab to launch a complete system scan of your PC. The scan checks for virus detection, startup time, disk space, and Wi-Fi security.

Step 3: Once the verification is complete, the program indicates the number of detected problems. Click “Repair” to solve these problems. A log report will provide a detailed record of the solutions used for each problem.