360 Security Scan

360 Security Scan

360 Security Scan


360 Scan Optimized all Around

360 Security is an antivirus software for Android devices. Although Android is not known to be infected simply by connecting to the Internet, installing applications from sources outside of Google Play poses some security risks. As a result, 360 Security scans installation files before they are installed and they can not access the system. That’s at best what an antivirus for Android would do, because the only sources of infection are questionable apps.

But 360 security scan is also a system optimizer. In one scan, it can detect the amount of memory that can be cleaned and destroy the data, as well as malware or system vulnerabilities. The memory can also be cleaned using the sticky widget that appears on the edge of the screen. It works by dragging it down. Other features of 360 Security scan include quick scan, anti-theft tools, contact backup, and a system for setting a password for individual applications.

360 Security Scan

Features of 360 Security

  • Phone Cleaner – Removes history files to improve personal security (it’s called Phone Cleaner, but rest assured that it can also clean a tablet) Memory Booster – Closes running applications to free memory. Virus Scanning -detects malware and detects security breaches ·
  • App Uninstaller – Backup and uninstall applications
  • APK Manager – Installs applications from saved APKs.
  • Move to SD Card – transfers files to SD card to free up internal storage
  • Call & SMS Blocker – Create a blacklist of numbers from which calls and messages will automatically be blocked
  • Data Monitor – Monitors data traffic with the network
  • Anti-theft- Deletion of data, device lock and alarm
  • Vault – Hides phone records and protects applications under a template lock.
  • Contacts Backup – Saves phone contacts to the external SD drive.
  • Lock Screen Power Saver – Monitors active applications when the device is idle and saves battery power
  • Privacy Advisor – Sorts existing applications into different risk categories.
  • AppBox – Provides specific apps to download from Google Play.

The energy saver is actually very useful. As some Android apps have a way to not close when they are licensed, a function that keeps them in check is a very healthy thing. This is especially true if you use messaging apps that generally hang around, reducing memory and draining the battery.

Pros of 360 security scan

  • Detects security problems
  • Keeps the memory as free as possible
  • Closes unused apps

Cons of 360 security scan

  • Text layout problems