360 Total Security

360 total security

360 Total Security



360 Total Security is one of the most comprehensive and efficient free antivirus programs on the market. It will protect you from the majority of threats you may encounter online. 360 Total Security is really easy to use, with a clear interface and simple navigation. It explains what each feature does and is easy to configure. If you’re looking for a non-intrusive antivirus solution that keeps you going, no matter what you do, 360 Total Security is a good choice.

360 Total Security gives your PC complete protection against viruses, Trojans and other emerging threats.

Whether you buy online, download files or chat with your friends, you can rest assured that 360 Total Security is there to protect you and optimize your computer. A cleaning utility is just a click away to keep your PC in optimal condition.

360 total security

How to Clean up your PC ?

Step 1: Download 360 Total Security on your PC. Locate the installation file and double-click to open it. Select your language and click “Install” to continue the installation.

Step 2: Once the program is installed, open 360 Total Security and locate the toolbar on the left. Click on the “Full Verification” tab to launch a full system scan of your PC. The scan checks for virus detection, startup time, disk space, and Wi-Fi security.

Step 3: Once the complete verification is complete, the program indicates the number of detected problems. Click “Repair” to solve these problems. A log report will provide a detailed record of the solutions used for each problem.

To perform an antivirus scan:

Step 4: Click the “Virus Scan” tab on the left toolbar. You can choose to perform a quick, complete, or customized scan. If you do not want to scan some files, you can add them to the “trusted list”.

Step 5: Click the “Acceleration” tab in the left toolbar. Speedup allows you to identify and disable unnecessary startup programs and background programs. You can also see a report of your startup times since the first installation of 360 Total Security.

360 total Security

To clean up your PC files:

Step 6: Click the “Cleanup” tab on the left toolbar. You can choose the areas and files to clean. The cleanup will then delete any unnecessary files and plug-ins in those specific areas.

To keep your PC up to date:

Step 7: Click on the “Tool Box” tab on the left toolbar and select “Patch Up.” Patch Up looks for important security updates for your Windows system and installed programs.