Acer Laptop Driver Updates

acer laptop driver updates

Acer Laptop Driver Updates


Update Acer Drivers

If you have problems with your Acer drivers, it may mean that these drivers need to be updated. New drivers are constantly being released and your Acer drivers may need to be updated if you have upgraded to Windows 10, downloaded new software, or installed a new hardware device. Driver updates will resolve driver conflict issues with all devices and improve the performance of your PC.

You can download Acer drivers manually by reading the instructions below.

Download and install Acer Drivers

If you are having problems with an Acer PC or another Acer device, it is possible that the problem is with your Acer drivers. This often happens when users upgrade to a new operating system without their drivers being updated, so that Acer drivers may be out of date or corrupted over time. Even if you have not made any changes, updated Acer drivers may be available.

You will only need to update your drivers if you have a problem, because in many cases older drivers can continue to work well. You can use the Acer website to check for updates for your Acer drivers, or use a driver update tool such as Driver Downloader to automate this process. Once you have installed Acer Drivers updates, this should solve your driver problems.acer laptop driver updates

How To Install Acer Driver updates?

You can download driver updates manually or automatically. The first is free, while the latter usually requires a registration fee with the software tool used. To manually update the Acer drivers:

  1. Download the latest driver file from the Acer website
  2. This file can be in the form of an .exe (executable) file. If so, simply double-click on this file.
  3. If the file is in another format and you have trouble installing it, go to Control Panel> Device Manager.
  4. Navigate to the Acer device for which you downloaded the updated driver version> right click and select Properties.
  5. Click the Driver tab> Update Driver.
  6. Select Browse My Computer Drivers> Let me choose from a list of device drivers on my computer.
  7. Locate the driver file (.inf)> click Next.

Your updated Acer driver should now be installed!

Automatic Acer Driver updates with a Driver Update Tool

Although you can download and install the drivers manually, as indicated in the steps above, the process can be tedious and complicated, especially if you need to download a number of drivers. You can automate the process by using a driver update tool such as DriverDownloader. Some of the benefits of using a driver update tool are:

Fast – A driver update tool may take less than 2 minutes to update all the outdated drivers.

Reliability – a good driver update tool only updates 100% genuine drivers.

Efficiency – With proven driver update tools, you can rest assured that you will only receive the latest and most compatible drivers.