Office 365 Activation Error Windows 10

Office 365 Activation Error Windows 10

Office 365 Activation Error Windows 10



How to fix ‘Office 365 Activation Error Windows 10″

When MS Office 365 0x8004FC12 occurs, Windows users try to activate Office 365, 2013 or 2016. The following error message is in the 0x8004FC12 error: “We’re sorry, something went wrong, and we can not do this for you right now, please try again.” (0x8004FC12). “Some Windows 10 users have reported this error, which blocks them from activating MS Office after they have just upgraded to the platform. How can you correct Office 365 0x8004FC12 error in Windows 10? 

Add a Net Local Group 

Adding a net local group to a 0x8004FC12 error is a more effective solution. To do this, press the Win + X Hotkey to open a command prompt and select Command Prompt from the menu.  

  1. First, enter ‘Local Local Administrators’ Local Services / Add’ at the command prompt; And hit the return key.  
  2. Input (or copy and paste) ‘FSUTI Resource setautoreset Saturate C:’ in the Command Prompt window, and press the Enter key.
  3. Finally, enter ‘Nets et IP Reset TTC’ command in the prompt window.  
  4. Turn off the command prompt before re-activating the MS Office and reboot Windows.

Update Windows 10 

If you’ve recently upgraded to Windows 10, there may be some updates for it. Updating platform may also fix the 0x8004FC12 error. You can check for Windows 10 updates with the Settings app. 

  1. First, click the Cortana taskbar button and enter ‘updates’ in the search box.  
  2. Check for updates to open Windows Update settings.  
  3. Now you can check the updates button for more detailed details.  
  4. Now the install button appears if you have updates. Press those buttons to update Windows. 

 Switch the Windows Firewall off

If Windows Firewall is on, then MS Office is interrupting activation. So this may be a trick to switch off the firewall temporarily. You can turn off the firewall through the control panel as follows. 

  1. Enter ‘Windows Firewall’ in the search box in the cortana. Then you can select the Windows Firewall to open the Control Panel tab directly in the shot below.  
  2. Click the Windows Firewall on or off in the left side of the tab.  
  3. Select Close Windows Firewall Options.
  4. Now go back to MS Office again. Then, you can turn back the Windows Firewall.

 Repair the MS Office Suite 

  • MS Office also includes its own troubleshooter which can help you fix errors related to your applications. Therefore, it can provide a fix for the 0x8004FC12 activation error. You can open a discounted recovery tool from the Programs and Features tab, as follows. 
  • You can open programs and features by right-clicking the Start button. It opens a menu from which you can select programs and features to directly open the Control Panel tab below. 
  • Now you can right-click on the MS Office Suit and choose Replace from its context menu. It will open Office Diagnostic Tool. Select the Quick Repair option on that window.  
  • Alternatively, you can select the online repair option that restores the discount. Press Repair button and follow the diagnostic wizard instructions. 

 Reset the TCP/IP in Command Prompt

TCP / IP reset can solve connection issues. Office 365 0x8004FC12 error can be connected to that protocol. You can reset TCP / IP by selecting the command prompt (Administration) on the Win X menu. Then enter netsh int ip reset resettcpip.txt’ in the prompt window and press Return key. Restart the Windows after TCP / P reset.