Office 365 Activation Error



What causes Office 365 activation issues?

There are many possible causes for Office 365 Activation Error, for example: 

  • Office 365 was not installed on a clean machine; an older version of Microsoft Office was installed previously. 
  • There is an issue connecting to the Internet, the Microsoft Office 365 portal ( or the ADFS server ( in your LAN or DMZ. 
  • The user you are trying to sign-in with does not have a valid Office 365 subscription assigned. 

These are but a few possible causes. In the following paragraph are possible solutions which will hopefully solve your issue. 

Solutions for Office 365 activation issues

On the Internet, we find many articles, blogs and forum entries related to Office 365 activation issues, but unfortunately the information is not gathered. Finally, to solve your problem, you need to immerse yourself through multiple sources of information. 

And this article is definitely going to help you. Here you find a detailed overview of all possible solutions on one page (with referrals for original sources). In case if there are other ways to deal with the office activation problem in the future, It will be updated accordingly. 

How To Fix Office 365 Activation Error

To restore all office features, you need to fix the problem so that activation is unsuccessful. 

 Step 1: Sign in with the correct account 

If the office asks you to sign in then enter the account you used to buy an office. You may see “Office products could not be found” if you use the incorrect address. 

Step 2: Check for multiple copies of the office

You probably will not notice that you have more than one copy installed. Installing two can lead to activation disputes. 

Step 3: Check your membership status 

If your subscription expires, you will see that “we have not found any office products.” To renew Office 365, renew your subscription. 

Step 4: Troubleshoot activation

If the office is still not active, choose your office version for additional troubleshooting help.