Adobe Photoshop Download Error 117

Adobe Photoshop Download Error 117

Adobe Photoshop Download Error 117


Adobe Reader Error 117

The Adobe Update Manager is really annoying, but most of the instructions on the web to disable it simply tell Adobe Updater not to report updates; the update program always works silently. The fact that I dedicate system resources from time to time so that Adobe Updater can call home, but no.

Error 117 is the numerical value of the error that occurred. The error number is one of the values ​​to identify the error. It contains information about the error, the possible cause of the error, the action that caused the error. The error numbers were used to correct common error code format errors used by Windows and other Windows-compatible software and driver vendors. This error code 117 is used by the provider to identify the error caused. This error code 117 has a hexadecimal number and a related technical description. In some cases, the error may have more hexadecimal parameters that represent the memory locations where the instruction (s) were loaded at the time of the error. The system.ini file contains the list of error codes used in the Windows operating system, as well as associated software and drivers.

Solution to solve Adobe Reader Error 117

Solution 1: Check your Internet connection

You need an internet connection to download and update Adobe applications. Verify that you can connect to the Internet, and then click Retry.

Solution 2: Configure your software firewall

Software firewalls limit access to your computer. Some software firewalls warn you when a program tries to access the Internet. Users have reported instances where software / hardware firewall settings have resulted in download errors.

  • If prompted, select to allow the Adobe application to access the Internet.
  • If you are not prompted, temporarily disable the software firewalls to determine if they prevent access to the Internet. See the documentation for your firewall software for help.

Solution 3: Disable the antivirus software

Temporarily disable your antivirus software, then restart the download.

Solution 4: Start your system in safe mode with networking

Restart the machine in safe mode with networking, and then restart the download.

Solution 5: Check the configuration of your router

Routers can have an integrated hardware firewall or proxy servers. To determine if a router is preventing the Adobe application from accessing the Internet:

  • Temporarily remove the router from the network.
  • Connect the computer directly to a DSL or cable modem. If the download continues, the router prevents access.
  • To configure a router to allow access for future downloads, see your router documentation for instructions on configuring port forwarding from the computer. You can also contact your Internet service provider or IT department.