Adobe Photoshop Error 16


Adobe Photoshop is a widely used software that allows you to design or edit images in different layers. The Adobe industry standard is so valued that “Photoshop” has become an expression for image editing. Photoshop has extensive support for graphics file formats, but also uses its own file formats, PSD and PSB. For example, when an image is created using Adobe Photoshop, the graphic file is saved with the extension .psd on a computer. So, if you get a PSD file on the web or by email, you need the Adobe software to open it. But sometimes, when you try to launch an Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) or Creative Suite (CS) application, you get a 15 or 16 configuration error that asks you to uninstall or reinstall the product.

Causes of Photoshop Error 16

  • If the Photoshop program is not installed correctly, this type of error may occur. This can often happen with novice users who are new to computing
  • The Photoshop software can not be manipulated by all users because this application contains extraordinary features.
  • When the program register is damaged, you will not be able to access the program.
  • If the program does not meet the minimum requirements or if it is incompatible with the hardware or software configuration of your computer, you may get an error.
  • Sometimes, when files related to the software (for example, DLL File) disappear, it is likely that an error will occur. 16

Steps to Fix Photoshop Error 16:

  1. First, you need to download and install the demo version of Repair PSD Application.
  2. Click Browse after launching the application. This will help you choose the PSD or PDD file.
  3. Now click on Repair and wait for the repair process to begin.
  4. When the repair process is complete, use the Preview option to check repaired files.

How to fix Adobe Error 16 on Windows 10?

Adobe error 16 may prevent you from running your favorite Adobe applications. As a reminder, here are some similar issues reported by users:

  1. Adobe Error 16, uninstall and reinstall the product. This error can sometimes appear when trying to run some Adobe applications. If this happens, completely remove the problematic application and reinstall it.
  2. Adobe Error 16 Windows 10, 8.1, 7 – This error may appear on any version of Windows. Earlier versions such as Windows 8.1 and 7 are no exception. Even if you do not use Windows 10, you should be able to apply almost all of our solutions to older versions of Windows. Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe InDesign CS6, Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Many users have reported this problem in applications such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere Pro. If you experience this problem, try running the applications as an administrator and see if that helps you.
  3. Error 16 in Adobe Reader, Adobe After Effects, Adobe XD – This error can sometimes appear in applications such as Reader, After Effects and XD. If this happens, try creating an SLStore directory and see if this resolves the problem.