Airplay error 10

Airplay error 10

Airplay error 10


What is Apple TV airplay error 10 and When it Occurs?

Apple TV airplay error 10 points to a network problem and prevent the device from connecting to Netflix. In fact, this error is also called ATV error and occurs due to Airplay related issues and other failures when connecting to the server. When this Apple TV broadcast error occurs, you must refresh the information stored on your device. Although correcting the Apple TV 10 read error may also be displayed as follows: Please try again later “or” There was a problem reading the item “.

Fix airplay error 10 on Apple TV

If you get the airplay error 10 on your Apple TV, follow methods to fix this bug –

1. Restart your Apple TV

Restarting the television helps to refresh your data so –

  • First, disconnect all the plugs connected to your Apple TV, then wait 5 minutes.
  • Again, restore all connections to turn on the device.
  • Now start the Netflix application to make sure error 10 is not happening anymore.

2. Restore your ISP’s default settings

If you have already changed the DNS settings of your Apple TV, simply reset them so that they can acquire the default settings automatically. This troubleshooting will work as the charm to fix error 10

  • In the situation, if you are connected to a virtual or public private network, disable it immediately.
  • Now connect the TV directly to the Internet at home, without thinking.
  • Continue, call your ISP’s professional and ask them to reset your router settings.

3. Restore the Default Network Settings

  1. At the beginning, open the Apple TV Settings app, and select Network from the list of available options in the right pane.
  2. Double-click on Wifi to view the current network information.
  3. In the next window, when you get a new menu for the network, click Configure DNS.
  4. Now, change the DNS to Automatic to Manual.
  5. Finally, click Done to apply the latest changes.