Airplay Mirroring Error

Airplay Mirroring Error

Airplay Mirroring Error


How to Fix AirPlay Mirroring Not Working

It does not matter how much we use our phones to watch movies, videos or any other content, but the pleasure and excitement we feel on a big screen can never be experienced on these 4 “to 5” screens. Agree? Apple’s AirPlay feature made this possible and easier. This is a feature that allows users to share the screen of their iOS devices on the TV and this wirelessly. Although Apple TV AirPlay is a handy feature, it can sometimes have some flaws. In this article, we’ll talk about Apple TV AirPlay mirroring issues and how you can solve them. First, tell us what kind of common problems you may encounter because your AirPlay mirroring does not work.

Common Apple TV AirPlay Problems

  • The AirPlay icon or button does not appear
  • AirPlay stops working after iOS update
  • AirPlay does not connect properly
  • You can see the video but can not hear the audio
  • You can not AirPlay particular content
  • Apple TV is not displayed when you try to use AirPlay

Solutions to Fix Apple TV Not Mirroring

  1. Check the AirPlay Device

It may sound silly, but it can be easy not to think of such small things. Therefore, the main thing you should check if your AirPlay device is turned on or off. In your Apple TV, go to “Settings” and check if the AirPlay feature is enabled. Set it to “Everyone” or “Everyone”.

  1. Reboot the Device

If you have checked if AirPlay is enabled, you must now restart the computer. So, when mirroring Apple TV does not work, unplug the cord from the back of the Apple TV or simply disconnect the TV from the power outlet. Stay a few moments and then reconnect the cables. The Apple TV will start and now try to connect it to AirPlay.

To restart the iPhone or iPad, you must press the “Home” and “Power” buttons and continue for 10 seconds. Release the buttons when you see the Apple logo on the screen. If you have the iPhone 7 series, you need to press the “Volume down” and “Power” buttons until the Apple logo appears.

When you have an iPhone 8 or X, press the “Increase Volume” button and remove it quickly. Now press and release the “Volume Down” button immediately. Then press the “Power” button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

  1. Check both the Devices if Connected with same Connection

Since AirPlay uses Wi-Fi to work, you need to check if both devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi connection when AirPlay mirroring is not showing up or not working. If they are not connected with the same connection, continue for the same thing. On your iPhone or iPad, you can access Wi-Fi in the “Settings”. In Apple TV 4th generation, go to “Settings” and then “Network” and connect with the same Wi-Fi network. In previous generations, go to “Settings”, then “General”. Now go to ‘Network’ and connect the device with the same connection.

  1. Update the Software

Obsolete software can easily lead to an Apple mirroring problem. Therefore, it is recommended to update the software of your device. Check if an update is available or not. If so, then he could be the culprit and trigger the problem. To check on Apple TV, go to “Settings” and choose “General” later. Now select “Update Software” and check the software version.

For iOS device, open “Settings” and press “General”. Now go to “Software Update” and download the latest software.

  1. Reboot the Router

If your AirPlay mirroring still does not work, the next tip you should try is to restart your Wi-Fi router. Since Wi-Fi plays a major role in AirPlay mirroring, it can sometimes be a obstacle. Therefore, restart the router and check if the problem is gone.