AirPlay not working

AirPlay not working

AirPlay not working


It happens that, for some reason, AirPlay does not work on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, or other compatible AirPlay iOS 11/10 speaker / receiver. When you want to stream music, videos, and photos to an AirPlay-enabled device, or display everything on your Mac / iPhone on a larger screen, it’s frustrating that AirPlay can not connect to Apple. TV. Fortunately, you can find here the corresponding solutions to solve the problems of mirroring AirPlay and AirPlay.

AirPlay not working

Fix “AirPlay not working” problem

Step 1: AirPlay Not Showing Up on Mac, iPhone, iPad

Airplay is a default feature that you do not need to install, but some users have reported that the AirPlay icon does not appear in Control Center, iTunes, or the Mac toolbar. Thus, they did not know how to broadcast content on Apple TV or otherwise. Airplay compatible device. If you are in this case, follow the suggestions below to resolve this problem.

  1. On Apple TV, go to Settings> Airplay, make sure the AirPlay feature is turned on.
  2. Check if your devices are supported to use the AirPlay feature.
  • For iOS device: iPhone 4 or later, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Touch 4th generation and later
  • For Mac OS device: iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro
  • For TV OS devices: Apple TV 2nd and newer
  1. Restart your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV router, Wi-Fi as needed.
  2. Make sure all your devices have installed the latest software update.

Step 2: AirPlay Cannot Connect to Apple TV or Apple TV Enabled Devices

Another common problem is that AirPlay does not run from Mac to Apple TV, or iPhone, iPad when streaming music or videos. In this situation, the Wi-Fi connection and network settings could most likely be attributed to this problem.

  1. Check if the iOS, Mac, and Apple TV device is up-to-date in Settings> General> Update Software.
  2. Check if Wi-Fi can work normally. Forget the Wi-Fi network and join again.
  3. Move the router closer to devices using AirPlay or restart it if necessary.
  4. Make sure there is only one device, whether your iPhone, iPad, or Mac is running at the same time.
  5. Renew the DHCP license. For iPhone and iPad, go to Settings> WLAN> tap the Wi-Fi you’re using> Renow Lease. For Mac, go to System Settings> Network> Advanced> TCP / IP> Renew DHCP Lease
  1. Check Mac firmware settings in System Preferences> Security & Privacy> Firewall. You can choose to disable the firewall or uncheck the box Block all incoming connections in the firewall options.

These tips should explain why AirPlay does not want to connect to Apple TV or a third-party speaker or receiver.

Step 3: AirPlay Not Working After iOS 11 Update

Problems with AirPlay also occur after updating iOS 11 due to technical issues, especially for beta versions. If you find that AirPlay does not work with the new iOS 11 update, such as AirPlay Off, AirPlay does not turn on, try the following:

  1. Force the iOS 11/10 device to reboot by pressing the On / Standby and Home buttons for 10 seconds until the Apple logo flashes. Replace the power button with the Volume Down button on the iPhone 7/7 Plus.
  2. Reset network settings on iOS 11 devices.
  3. Repair the corrupted operating system. Install this iOS software on your Mac / PC and connect with it. Click Repair all blocked iOS and follow the guide to download the IPSW file to fix the iOS 11 firmware on your iPhone, iPad.