Amazon prime not working

Amazon prime not working

Amazon prime not working


There are many TV shows, movies and videos available to Amazon Prime members. It is very convenient to watch Prime videos, but some problems with Amazon Prime Video sometimes occur on mobile phones, computers and TVs. This article describes how to troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video issues on different devices. When watching movies on Amazon Prime Video, you may experience the following issues: Amazon video is stuttering or late, Prime video is not playing, or video is still playing. If you encounter these difficulties, here are some solutions to the problems encountered on Android or iOS devices, computers and TVs.

How to Solve Prime Video Issues 

Here are some things to try:

1. Restart your device

Many streaming issues are caused by Internet connection issues or low available bandwidth and are not related to Prime Video service.

Restarting your device, your Internet modem, and your router can solve many problems with intermittent connectivity.

2.Temporarily pause other Internet activity

Are there many other devices connected to the same Internet network that you use? If possible, try temporarily suspending activities such as downloading files, online games, and streaming video to other devices connected to your network, as this may affect connection speed and quality. streaming.

3. Update your device firmware

Check if firmware updates are available for your device. Device manufacturers regularly release firmware updates that you can download to your device over an active Internet connection. Most devices also have manual steps for firmware updates in the “Settings” menu. The user manual for your device usually includes information about accessing and managing firmware settings. For more information, see About updating your device’s firmware.

4. Check the connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If your connection speed is much slower than usual, we recommend that you contact your service provider for additional help.