Apple Error 500

Apple Error 500

Apple Error 500


What is Apple Error 500 and how does it happen?

Sometimes, when you use your Mac as usual, a warning message may suddenly appear: “The operation can not be completed. An unexpected error has occurred (Apple Error 500)”. Resolving this type of error code can be a hard task if you have no idea what is happening on your Mac. Apple Error 500 could happen for a number of reasons, and it may show up with a specific error message:

error -500 rgnTooBigErr:

Apple Error 500

The followings are the main causes why your Mac get Error 500:

  • Incorrect operation on the system, application, process, or service
  • Corrupt files and system directories, incorrectly configured system settings
  • Infection with the virus, malware or spyware attacks, downloading suspicious files
  • Incompatible or obsolete hardware / software installed on the machine

Unwanted files that contain the current startup drive or home directory of the current user When you encounter the Apple Error 500, you can perform a set of troubleshooting procedures. Does this happen at regular intervals or in a totally random way? Does it come out after the changes you made to the system? Is there an application that you suspect is related to this problem? …… Keeping these questions in mind, you can perform some tests to first check if the error is hardware or software related. Once the root cause of the error is identified, you can fix it by adopting the corresponding solutions. Now let’s understand what’s going on right now.

How to Fix Apple Error 500 ?

Try the following solutions to resolve Mac App Store 500 Internal server error on your system.

Method 1: Update mac OS on your Device

An older and obsolete Mac operating system can be a major problem behind the App Store’s 500 error code. Therefore, you must ensure that the mac OS version of your device is up to date. Just open the Apple menu and tap the tab of the App Store. Then click the “Updates” button and allow Mac to search for the appropriate programs to resolve an internal server problem.

Method 2: Go Through Login Items

First, reboot your Mac using Safe Mode and check if there is a problem with the connection item or startup programs. This can often require technical assistance from Apple’s customer support professionals to test Mac devices. Therefore, if you encounter a connection error, click on “System Preferences”. Then choose the “Users and Groups” option and click on your account to find the “Connection Elements” tab. By clicking on it, find the list of elements responsible for the 500 Mac App Store error. You must press the minus button to remove these items from your system.

Method 3: Clear Junk, Temporary, and Cache Files

To apply this method, install an effective Mac optimization tool and use the “System Scan” feature. Once it detects any problems as well as unnecessary items such as cache, temporary files and unnecessary files, it removes them from Mac. Hopefully after the reboot, you will not see the error 500 notification anymore.

Many times, applying the above methods may not solve the problem of Apple Error 500 on your device. You may need to remove or uninstall problematic Mac applications to correct an internal server error. So, you can contact our Apple technical support experts to provide you with the best error error solutions on the App Store. To place your order or speak to our support team regarding error code 500, you can call our hotline. You can also send us your questions about Apple or Mac problems by chat with expert and get an affordable solution in a timely manner.