Apple Error 6722

Apple Error 6722

Apple Error 6722


Apple Error 6722 or a blank screen when configuring HomePod is considered the most common problem.

The installation problem seems to be due to a faulty installation of HomeKit. Although there may also be other culprits. We tried to look at all the issues that could prevent you from installing your HomePod and here we discussed solutions that might be helpful in solving the problem. So, do not waste any more time, try them out and tell us which one clicked for you!

Apple Error 6722

Solutions to Fix HomePod Setup Failed Apple Error 6722

Solution 1: Update your iOS to its latest version

  • Launch the “Settings” icon on iPhone as well as on iPad.
  • Click on “General” icon and tap “Software Update” If there is any update available then, go ahead and do it.

Solution 2: Log in with the Same Apple ID

  • If users want to configure their HomePod on the device, as suggested by the HomePod support team, they must use the same Apple ID. If you use a different identifier in the HomePod, problems may occur. 
  • Now, sign out of the account and log back into your same iCloud account.

Solution 3: Check for Proper internet Connection Problems

  • To fix Apple error 6722, install your HomePod while disconnecting your Wi-Fi network from the device Reconnect Wi-Fi to your iPhone or iPad.

Solution 4: Reset your HomePod if all Above Solutions did not Work out for you

  • Reset the HomePod with the help of Home App
  • Now, open up “Home” app into the devices.
  • Users are suggested to press and hold “HomePod” icon which is visible in the “Home”
  • Click on “details” icon
  • Finally, tap on the“Remove Accessory” option

Solution 5: Uninstall and reinstall the Home App

  • If users have uninstalled the Home application, the problem will be solved completely.
  • After uninstalling the application, make sure you have reinstalled the application.

If you have questions or are experiencing iPad-related barriers, you are encouraged to use the most effective iPad customer support service through technical support modes for online and remote consultation services.