Apple iPad Activation Error

Apple iPad Activation Error

Apple iPad Activation Error


Apple iPad Activation Error

The error message appears because the iPad can not be activated because there is a problem with the server activation process that is temporarily unavailable. Troubleshoot iPhone / iPad activation issues after iOS 11 Update expert guidelines by contacting our team of experts to provide the best solution. It is suggested to connect the iPad to iTunes and activate it, or simply to follow the same procedure in a few minutes. However, users will notice that the error message means that it must be corrected after reactivation of the activation server. But the problem will still occur after a few days.

Basically, the error revolves around an activation bug. A host of reports from the Apple Support Forum and other sites describe the problem. According to these users, their iOS device will randomly display a message indicating that it must be enabled. Many times, this message will continue to appear.

Causes of iPhone/iPad Activation Errors

  • The Apple service is probably experiencing a peak period. High traffic volume can make the server busy enough. As a result, the activation error appears.
  • An unstable connection can also make this possible. Check your WiFi connection if it does not work properly.
  • Jailbreaking the iPhone can also increase the chances of causing the activation error.
  • Unlocking the SIM card of a locked device may also cause increased problems and an activation error. Indeed, your previous operator may not have allowed you to unlock this iPhone.

But if the problem persists, you can try to solve it in several ways.

How to fix apple iPad activation error?

Solution 1: Activate with iTunes

If a Wi-Fi signal is unavailable or intermittent in your current location, you will need to activate your iPad using iTunes. Launch iTunes, go to the “iTunes” menu and click “Check for Updates”. This will check if you have the latest software on your computer. Download and install the available iTunes updates, then connect your iPad to the computer. Choose “iPad” from the device list and select “Set as new iPad” or “Restore from backup of …”, click “Continue” and type a custom name for your iPad device. Check the sync preferences of your app and your music and click “Done”.

Solution 2: Hard reset

A hard reset can resolve software or network connection errors that may cause activation problems. Hold down the “Home” and “Sleep / Wake” buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. Repeat the setup process and choose an available Wi-Fi network. If you do not have access to Wi-Fi, connect your iPad to your computer and use iTunes to attempt activation.

Solution 3: Check your network connection

Make sure the network connection is stable. You can switch from cellphone to WLAN and vice versa. Generally, the Wi-Fi network is more reliable. And you can also connect your iPhone to another Wi-Fi network to try it.

Solution 4: Restore your device through iTunes

If all the above methods do not help you activate your device, you can restore your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch via iTunes.

Suppose for whatever reason that you do not activate your iPad by yourself, the team of our qualified staff is working here to provide the world class remedy. For this, you need to establish a connection with them Chat with the iPad support and get the solution easily or effortlessly.