Apple iPad error 9

Apple iPad error 9

Apple iPad error 9


For most iOS users, the iTunes error when updating or restoring the device is not strange. The iTunes 9 error has been reported by many iPad users for some time. Unlike other common error codes, this error does not appear frequently. However, once this happens, you can not do anything with your iPad. In this article, we have put together some simple solutions to fix in a few minutes the unknown error code 9 of the update / restore of the iPad.

Apple iPad error 9

Common Ways to Fix iPad (iTunes) Error Code 9

1. Check USB Connection

One of the causes of the iPad can not be restored. Error 9 is the damaged ports or the faulty cable. The first thing to do is to check the cable and the USB ports. Disconnect the iPad with the computer, and then reconnect it for retesting.

2. Update iTunes to The Latest Version

Outdated ITunes may also be the reason for this error. Update iTunes to the latest version by accessing Help -> Check for Updates, and then follow the instructions to complete the process.

3. Check Security Software

When upgrading an iPhone or iPad, iTunes must communicate the network server with Apple. Sometimes the security software may consider iTunes as a virus and disable the update or restore.

4. Reboot iPad/iPhone

Restarting the iPad is also another easy 9 error solution for iPad. Hold down the Sleep / Wake button for several seconds, then slide the bar to turn off the unit. Once the iPad screen is completely black, wait a few seconds, then hold down the Sleep / Wake button to restart.

5. Use Another Computer

If you still encounter the unknown iPad 9 update error after trying the methods mentioned above, it is recommended that you update or restore your iPad on another computer.

6. Clean iPhone/iPad Cache

Your iOS devices may become slow and an iPad error may occur if there are too many caches, cookies or unwanted files on the device. You can go to Settings -> Safari, scroll down and click on “Clear website history and data”.