Asus Laptop Graphics Card

Asus Laptop Graphics Card

Asus Laptop Graphics Card


How to Add a Asus Laptop Graphics Card to your  laptop?

Laptop has a way to add graphics cards but not for gaming purposes. This is probably amazing to say, you can plug someone into a USB port. By doing this you get extra graphics output so that you can drive an external monitor as well as the laptop’s built-in screen.

If your laptop already has VGA, display or HDMI output, then adding a USB graphics card means that you can run a third-screen: you are not limited to two displays.

Upgrade from an Nvidia Geforce Graphics Card in an Asus Laptop

If you’re the only average user to bring more speed to hardware gamers / game developers, video editors or deeper applications, then you just need to be the best. However, you probably do not want a new laptop. For a shiny new, it was never easy to change the slow graphics. Let’s get started

  1. Remember to save all your work and turn off the device. Once you’ve completely shut down, make sure to unplug it from the laptop to the wall, if it’s connected. If possible, make sure to also remove the battery from the laptop just to be safe. You do not want to mess with expensive electronics to get the start of your laptop and a short circuit.
  2. Choose a screwdriver that best matches the screw on your device. Most laptops have Phillips screw heads for an external panel, but depending on the laptop manufacturer you may be different. 
  3. Flip your device and remove screws from the big panel. Make sure you do not have screwed strips, because you will need to put the cover (s) back in. Here you will find “fun”
  4. There will be a silver casing surrounding a large part of the circuits inside. Do not touch this. It is the bare bones of the laptop and contains BIOS chips and default ram. The exposed part is what you are seeing. Graphics card is a big chip that comes along the way. You will not be able to forget the card from the outside. (Screws vary with laptop) 
  5. Observe a gap on the side of the laptop. Take a photo of which part of the wire connects the wire or take a photo. Remove this wire and keep the old graphics card aside. 
  6. Insert the new graphics card (It may not fit if it is water cooled) and connect the wires as they were to the previous card.  Screw everything back in place. 

ASUS Graphics Card Drivers

ASUS Graphics Card Drivers are small programs that enable you to interact with your graphics card hardware with your operating system software. Managing updated ASUS graphics card software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance. Outdated or corrupted ASUS graphics card drivers may cause system errors, crashes, and your computer or hardware fail. Additionally, installing a wrong ASUS driver may make this problem even worse. 

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