Asus Laptop Software Problem

Asus Laptop Software Problem

Asus Laptop Software Problem



Whether your ASUS laptop is running slow or not, we can help. There is no reason to buy a new ASUS laptop when you can fix or upgrade your current system on the cost of new purchases. The following are some of the ASUS laptop repair services that help you save money.

The software repairs include:

  • Laptop virus Removal
  • Removal of annoying popup and spyware from laptop
  • Data and file rescue services (from defective laptop hard drives)
  • Laptop data and file backup services
  • Laptop operating system upgrades
  • Transfer of data to your new hard drive / new laptop
  • Solutions for slow working laptops
  • Solutions and repairs for “blue screens of death” and freezing symptoms
  • Laptop drivers installation

Why is ASUS Laptop slow or freezing? Here’s how to fix the software problems 

1. Virus Or Malware? Remove Them

We’re all there. When a Windows computer is caught by a malicious virus or program it works and slows down. Fix is very simple, run an antivirus scan and remove any threats found from it. 

Microsoft has a built-in security software called Windows Defender, but we recommend RAM antivirus  because it’s more powerful in 2018 to get the latest viruses and malware.  

2. SlowOnStartup? Optimize It

Your Asus notebook takes 60+ seconds (or the login screen if you have set a password) to reach the desktop, most of the time, there are many sneaky apps or services that launch you on startup. 

Here’s how to optimize it: 

  • For Windows 7, Vista, or XP, you can use this utility called MSConfig to tune up Windows startup.  
  • For Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, you just right-click on the task bar, then select Task Manager > Startup, here you see a list of program names with the “Status.” 
  • Windows 10, go to Task Manager > Startup 

If a programmable is shown, this means that it will run automatically when you start your ASUS laptop. Disable or uninstall you do not need to. Things capable of less capable of you, your PC will be faster. 

Quick note: Some self-serviceable services may not be shown at startup, but you can still find and disable them using the Clean PC (via the “AutoRun” feature). 

3. Running OutOfDisk Space? Free Up More

  • They say that the CPU is the brain of the computer, whereas the hard drive is the blood that connects to each area. If your ASUS hard drive (or SSD) is being completed, the entire computer will be delayed. So what to do about it? Clean it! 
  • Of course, you can do it manually, but usually these tasks are able to take from time to time, even though some may need to be tech-savvy or at least comfortable with the computer. In this way, we recommend the Clean My PC – Smart PC Cleaner Program, a wonderful light-weighted app that helps you to quickly reclaim a large disk space. 
  • Unnecessary files like old system, system system waste, unused apps, removal, and older items may be identified. Everything else, you can do all of those with a few clicks. The app is really time saver! 

 4. Windows System Issues? Fix Them

  • For a new ASUS laptop, it may be running Windows 10. This thing is related to Windows 10 too many issues: malware attacks, registry errors, and many others. Tech radar listed 100 common problems. 
  • If you feel that the whole system is running slow for any reason, it’s time to diagnose and fix potential Windows errors. It is a challenging task to solve those errors themselves. 
  • If you are not a power user, it is good to use programs like CCleaner. In addition to finding Windows registry errors, the app also does a lot of things like managing a startup, duplicate files, etc. This is good for your PC. 

 5. Hard Drive Is Failing? Switch To SSD

This solution applies to you when your ASUS laptop is loaded with a spinning hard disk drive (HDD). You may want to consider replacing it with a fast concrete position drive (SSD). According to the storage review’s benchmark test, the speed of opening files on the SSD is up to 30% faster HDD. 

However, we have to warn you that the SSD upgrade is not for everyone. If your PC is 10 years old, then you will be better off buying a new PC.