Asus Laptop Troubleshooting

Asus Laptop Troubleshooting

Asus Laptop Troubleshooting



ASUS notebooks can experience some of the problems. Problems with internet connection problems, power cord problems, and hardware and software are common issues for any laptop computer. Retailers or repair facilities can save your time and money to solve your ASUS laptop problems by contacting us. Never open your ASUS notebook case, because the warranty or service plan you purchased can be cancelled which you have got with your computer.

Troubleshooting – If you cannot turn on your ASUS laptop 

If you cannot turn on the laptop , you can refer to the solutions below based on your situation. The power light is the indicator why your laptop does not power on.

Solution 1:

If the power light is ON that means the power cord and ac adapter are working, but the device fails to boot due to disfunction of other major components.

  1. Please remove Li-ion battery and directly use the ac adapter to charge the device. 
  2. Please remove all portable external devices, such as USB devices, memory card, internet cable, HDMI, CD-ROM , etc.  
  3. Before the disfunction occurred, did you try expanding the harddrive or memory partition? If yes, please remove these expansions. 
  4. Please disconnect the ac adapter, then press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds 
  5. Please re-install the battery and restart the unit.  

Solution 2: 

If the power light is OFF that means there’s no power supplied by the ac adapter  or  major components might be abnormally working and the device fails to boot  

  1. Please remove the battery (for removable battery models) and check if the ac adapter plug is loose (marked in the below image: A-power cord plug, B- outlet side plug, C- NB side plug) or try plugging into different outlets.
  2. Please check for any damage on the ac adapter cable. If any damage is found, try another ac adapter.
  3.  Please press and hole the Power button for 15 seconds, then re-install the battery (for removable battery models) or connect the ac adapter (for non-removable battery models) and try to restart your device.  

 If your still experience the problems , please contact ASUS laptop Support for additional assistance. 

Troubleshoot the hardware issue

This is likely to happen because of a hardware synchronization of the keyboard’s working hardware on a laptop. You can troubleshoot the following hardware issues: 

A. Check the keyboard battery

The battery issue is one of the possible hardware faculties. 

  1. Shut down your laptop. 
  2. Remove the battery from your laptop. 
  3. Wait for few seconds, and connect your laptop with AC power cord directly. 
  4. Reboot your laptop and check if your keyboard works. 

B. Check the USB connection (USB keyboard)

  • If you are using the USB keyboard, check if the USB connection works properly. 
  • You can try to unplug and re-plug the keyboard to reconnect. Or you can plug the keyboard to another USB port and check if it works or not. 

C. Check the wireless adapter (wireless keyboard) 

If you are using a wireless keyboard, make sure the wireless connection is working properly. Get your keyboard closer to your wireless receiver.