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Asus Laptop Upgrade

Asus Laptop Upgrade


A recent new notebook has been bought with a slow running hard drive or your three-year old system that is struggling to survive with today's apps, upgrading your laptop is a great way to improve its performance without spending a lot of money. Unlike desktop towers, there are almost all are user-serviceable, many laptops are sealed, which are difficult or impossible to tinker with. In some cases, even if you mess with it, you can find the main driver-mounted main components on the motherboard. Luckily, you do not have to open the chassis to find out whether you can change the RAM or a hard drive. Here you can upgrade your laptop and tell what components it needs.

What Laptop Components Can You Upgrade?

In the best case, you can change your RAM and storage drive space. Upgrading from SSD (solid state drive) on a mechanical hard drive will have a great impact on your performance, you will be able to boot, open applications and files, or work three to four times faster.

Adding more memory, especially from 2 GB or 4 GB to 8 GB, can make working on multitasking or large media files easier. Forgot to swap CPU, graphics chip or display And if it is possible to replace a Wi-Fi card on some systems, then it's hard to do and may not be related to those efforts. If you really want wireless connectivity, consider a USB Wi-Fi dongle.

Checking a Memory Finder

The best way to find out what parts of your laptop are upgradable and what upgrades it needs to be upgraded is with a configurable tool like Crucial Memory Advisor Tool. To use it: 

1. Navigate to 

2. Select your laptop’s manufacturer (ex: Lenovo). 

3. Select the correct product line (ex: ThinkPad T Series). 

4. Choose the specific model of your laptop (ex: ThinkPad T450s). 

5. Click “find upgrade.” 

Find Out if You Can Upgrade

  • Unfortunately many laptops have sealed up the batteries or memory that have been sold on the motherboard, in both cases, you can prevent RAM upgrades. It is also possible that the system does not recognize more than a certain memory and you can already be the maximum. 
  • To find out if you can upgrade your RAM, try using the Crystal Memory Advisor tool. After accessing your brand and laptop’s exact model, you need to get a screen that shows the maximum memory and how many slots your laptop has. 
  • Crucial also lists the memory modules you can purchase for your laptop. However, you can get the same DIMM from other brands. Take note of the fast and fast RAM you need, which is usually either DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4 at the next speed (eg “DDR3 PC 3-12800”). 

Reasons to upgrade to an SSD:

  • Faster boot-up and application load times 
  • More rugged data protection 
  • Easy to install 
  • Don’t be afraid to tackle this simple but effective way to boost performance and add needed capacity to your ageing laptop. You can be up and running in no time — it may feel like you’ve purchased a brand new system! 
  • It’s easy to upgrade your laptop drive 

Laptop SSD Upgrades

First, flip your laptop and check out a hatch on a small screw or two safe under side. If “HDD” or something else is the same, then the better. Some laptops, such as the late-model Apple MacBook and many super-thin ultra-portables, are fully sealed and won’t give you access to the innards without the help of a service technician.