Avast Antivirus error code 42144

Avast Antivirus error code 42144

Avast Antivirus error code 42144


Avast Antivirus error code 42144 is a technical problem that users experience when downloading and installing the software on their system. It is also called a run-time error and the problem occurs when incompatible programs are running in the background at the same time. Since this is a runtime error, it may appear on the screen without warning. Error messages will appear on the screen repeatedly. There will be an opportunity for file deletion or the appearance of new files that will make you stunned. Other possible reasons may be low memory space, an incorrect graphics driver, or malware infection. The bug seems to be vulgar and requires special attention from users to protect against future interference.

Avast Antivirus error code 42144

Causes of Avast Antivirus error code 42144

  • The system has been infected with the malware or virus
  • Incompatible program running along with the software
  • Bad graphics driver
  • Poor memory space
  • Weak network signal
  • Other programs might have mistakenly deleted the Avast software
  • Incomplete installation of the software
  • Damaged Windows Registry files

Symptoms of Avast Error Code 42144

  • It can lead to the freezing of the Windows screen for a short period.
  • Destruct your Windows active program
  • Crash the performance of your operating system
  • Frequent appearance of this error code 42144 on your OS
  • The functionality of your PC can get slow down
  • Cannot access the computer in a straightforward way

Steps to Fix Avast Error Code 42144

  • Repair your Windows registry entries related to Avast Error Code 42144.
  • A complete malware scan can solve this problem
  • Regular clean up your OS junk with Disk Clean up
  • Keep updating your computer device drivers regularly.
  • Undo all the recent operating system changes
  • Then, uninstall and re-install Avast antivirus software product
  • Open your Windows system file checker
  • After it install all the updates and do a clean installation

This problem will not appear after troubleshooting. If this is the case, you must solve this problem by connecting well-trained technicians who will assist you when needed. What you need to do is simply contact Avast Customer Support and this will be very helpful.