Avast Error 10013

Avast Error 10013

Avast Error 10013


Users have many problems with the Avast 10013 error, which is usually caused by the fact that the antivirus does not load correctly on the operating system or the crash of the active program in Windows that can usually be observed in Avast Error 42056 and these conditions are very pathetic for any user. So, whenever you encounter such problems that are very reliable and flexible, they provide complete solutions to all problems in a very precise time, which is very convenient for users. Sometimes a user experiences a problem during the process of installing Avast Free Antivirus on a PC.

Avast Error 10013

Causes of Avast Error 10013

An error may occur at any time during download, installation, uninstallation, etc. Of Avast Antivirus program or when running the antivirus. Because of this error, your system behaves abnormally, as Windows may stop unexpectedly. The current program window may hang, etc.

Symptoms of Avast Error 10013

  • The active program window smashes everytime Error 10013 appears.
  • When you try to run the same program, your PC often overwrites with the same error 10013.
  • Avast will not be able to receive mail / news safely (error 10013) that are displayed on your screen.
  • Windows responds slowly to any activity and runs slowly or restarts itself.
  • The computer system often hangs at a fixed interval.

How to Fix Avast Error 10013 ?

Repair the Registries associated with error 10013

Conduct registry cleaner with the help of any third party registry cleaner software. The application will look for any missing or corrupt registry files and will try to fix the issue. It will also automatically improve the speed and performance of your system.

  • Right click on Start Menu
  • Go to Command Prompt
  • Type in regedit and hit enter
  • Registry Editor will open, now search for the files related to error-10013
  • Under the file menu, you will find Export option
  • Now under the save in list, select a destination folder to save the backup key of Avast

Run Disk Cleanup and clear the junk files

  • Open Command prompt and run cleanmgr
  • Disk Cleanup will start automatically
  • Select the categories where you want to clean up

Run Windows System File Checker

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type in sfc/scannow and press enter
  • File Checker will find out the possible problems and will fix the underlying issues

Reinstall Windows

  • Right Click on Start
  • Go to System
  • Then go to Update and Security
  • From there choose the ‘remove everything and reinstall Windows’