Avast Update Unknown Error

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Avast Update Unknown Error

Avast Update Unknown Error

The Avast antivirus is one of the best free antivirus among users. With this free antivirus application, users enjoy quality protection without spending money. It's popular and it works well, but some errors have been disturbing users for some time, such as the unknown error of the Avast update.If you are also experiencing the same error message on your computer screen while accessing Avast program, then you can take Avast Help from proficient dexterous tech-geeks.

Avast Update Unknown Error

Causes of Avast Update Unknown Error

The problem is usually caused by the DNS settings that need to be changed. It's quite possible that the automatically acquired DNS address is not enough and we suggest you switch to a Google address. Your firewall may also prevent the updater from connecting to the Internet. Make sure to let it pass, no matter what antivirus you use. Reset Internet Explorer settings could also work for you!

Methods to Fix Avast Update Unknown Error

Follow the given below instructions one-by-one as here is the solution of your problem. Therefore, have a glance on the noted points:

Change The DNS Settings

DNS settings are one of the most important Internet connection settings that you can change based on your network connection. The DNS address is automatically obtained by default, but you can always enter the address you want to use. You must use the free Google DNS address that has helped multiple users resolve the Avast "Unknown Error" update.Perform the below task:

  • Press the Windows + R keys at the same time. To do this, the Run dialog box will open where you have to type "ncpa.cpl" in the bar and click OK. It will then open the Internet Connection Settings item in Control Panel. ·
  • Now, double-click the active network adapter, and then click the "Properties" button. ·
  • Locate the Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) in the list. Click on it to select it and click on the Properties button ·
  • Now set the preferred DNS server to and the secondary DNS server to to use the Google DNS address. Leave the "Validate settings at exit" option checked and click "OK" to apply the changes immediately. Check if the Avast Update "Unknown Error" disappears or not.

Reset Internet Explorer Settings

You may think that this method probably does not apply to you, but it does, whether you use Internet Explorer or not. The Internet Explorer settings are related to all proxy, DNS, and login settings that are reset to prevent the Avast update "Unknown Error".

Add a Firewall Exception for the Updater

The update program for Avast has its own executable and it is suggested to let it go through your firewall. If the same problem persists, do not panic! There is another option in your hand. Just go to www.avast.com and go to your home and get together with the technical specialists. They will guide you all the possible solutions in a profitable way.