Avg Antivirus For Mac




AVG AntiVirus has been available on Windows for some time now, but is now available on Mac. AVG AntiVirus for Mac is a complete and free antivirus solution for Mac that protects and analyzes your files in real time. The installation of AVG AntiVirus is simple and it immediately performs an initial analysis of your Mac. An icon in the menu bar indicates when AVG AntiVirus protects your system. However, there are still very few security threats on Mac and AVG is best used as a precaution. The big advantage of AVG AntiVirus Security Free compared to other antivirus for Android is its integration with AVG Protection, a suite designed to block the threats that weigh on all your devices. With the AVG Zen panel, you can control your Android devices remotely from a PC.

Protect your business

Avg Antivirus For MacMac devices are not immune to malware and their growing popularity makes them an attractive target for hackers. Under the simple design of AVG Business AntiVirus for Mac lies a powerful security engine that works in real time to detect and remove viruses and spyware specific to Mac.

Tripple Protection- Protects not only you but also your customers

Drag and drop simplicity- Staying protected has never been easier

Always on- Sit down and relax. Every time you use your Mac, we have you covered and updated

AVG Antivirus for Mac

Antivirus protection

Like most other products, AVG AntiVirus for Mac uses a traditional analysis engine and heuristic monitoring. The first checks for suspicious code matching to detect widespread malware, while monitoring looks for suspicious behavior to detect zero-day malware.

According to AV-Comparatives, which has tested AVG AntiVirus for Mac, the software offers almost perfect protection. AVG captured 99.9% of malware samples.

Additional features

AVG AntiVirus for Mac is a free security application. So we did not expect it to have many special features and that’s not the case. It also does not provide any secure browser extensions. If you want additional features, you should consider buying the full version of the antivirus.

Impact and performance analysis of the system

AVG AntiVirus for Mac has a relatively high background impact. The passive system touched was 2.6%, while Avast showed a better score than 0.5%. Regarding scanning speed, the full scan lasts an average of 40 minutes, compared to an average of 35 hours.

User interface

AVG has a very nice interface, modern and very complete. Thus, even beginners will have no problem using AVG Antivirus for Mac.

Avg Antivirus For Mac

Installing AVG AntiVirus for Mac

  1. Click here to download AVG AntiVirus for Mac.
  2. Open and run the downloaded file, and then double-click Install AVG AntiVirusicon in the dialog box that appears.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Click Continue on the introduction screen.
  5. Click Continue, and then click Accept.
  6. Click Install.
  7. Type your administrator credentials, and then click Install Software.
  8. Once the installation of AVG AntiVirus for Mac is complete, the interface opens automatically.