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avg antivirus free

AVG Antivirus Free


About AVG Antivirus Free

AVG AntiVirus FREE is AVG’s newest product to keep you safe online. It is powerful, feature rich and has a newly designed and new interface. AVG AntiVirus FREE is again an antivirus central. This essential security suite will protect your computer against viruses, worms, Trojans, root kits and other spyware while browsing or checking your emails. It is designed for those seeking the best safety without the hassle and complications of the more advanced tools available on the market. AVG AntiVirus FREE is able to block infected links while browsing, check files before downloading, and help protect your personal data online and on your PC with a full set of privacy features.

Key features include:

  • Computer Protection: Real-time protection lets you protect your computer against malware, including viruses, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, and Trojans. It uses advanced tools of artificial intelligence and real-time analysis to prevent threats from reaching you.
  • Web and email protection: Block unsecured links, downloads, and attachments.

avg antivirus freeAVG AntiVirus FREE has a fresh, clean and intuitive design. However, it does not come with a solid firewall because it is included in the more advanced suite, AVG Internet Security – Unlimited. The big advantage of AVG AntiVirus FREE is that each time the suite encounters an unknown threat, AVG then analyzes it quickly, creates a cure and then passes it on to millions of users so that everyone is better protected. All security updates are automatically sent to you, along with all new features, so you’re always up-to-date. Overall, AVG AntiVirus FREE has a low impact on system resources, an intuitive feel and simplified usage through simplified design. This, combined with free online support and a robust cloud-based threat detection method, makes AVG AntiVirus FREE a good global security suite to install on your system. If you’re looking for a simple, powerful antivirus that will not slow down your system, you can not go wrong with AVG AntiVirus FREE.

A user-friendly utility

Unlike other security and privacy programs on the market, you do not need to be an expert or expert in virus protection to get the most out of AVG Antivirus Free. The program opens with a well-organized dashboard that makes all its functions accessible. With the free version, your emails are scanned for dubious links and attachments, while allowing you to analyze anything that has already made its way onto your computer. In addition, real-time security updates are available. Finally, the program offers a convenient performance tuning option that will help you remove unwanted files that can slow down your computer. What is not proposed, however, is the protection of the personal files of manufacturers, which offers additional protection against ransomware. You will also need to subscribe to get access to the program’s webcam protection module and its online shopping protection system. That said, the free version of the program provides much of the protection that can be considered far more than basic or basic security.

Adequate protection for general users

For those who do not have an antivirus system on their computer or are considering renewing their subscription to an alternative service, this program is worth the detour. It’s a breeze to uninstall if you do not like it, but the service is excellent considering what you get for free. However, he will continue to invite you to upgrade from time to time.

avg antivirus free

Setup Installation

It’s easy to find a download on the AVG AntiVirus Free website and you’ll be able to start using the product in just a few seconds. A custom installation option allows for an unusual level of control, with the ability to disable behavioral monitoring, Web filtering, real-time file verification, and more. This is the same approach used by Avast Free Antivirus, although AVG does not offer as many extras (it lacks the browser extension Rescue Disk, Software Updater, Password Manager and Security).

AVG borrows another Avast intelligent feature in passive mode. If the installer detects another antivirus during the installation, it does not ask you to remove this tool, but instead installs AVG with the real-time protection disabled. This significantly reduces the risk of conflict, while allowing you to use AVG for on-demand scanning. And if you’re sure the programs will work together or if you’re ready to take the risk, you can tell AVG to turn off passive mode in a few clicks.