AVG Antivirus Removal Tool




AVG Removal Tool

Sometimes AVG’s default uninstallation process from the control panel may fail because of the antivirus program or problems on your system. Even if you uninstall the program using the normal working method, from the control panel, some installation files and other registers may not be removed. So, here’s the AVG removal tool which helps you to completely remove AVG antivirus software from your computer without AVG related registry entries.

AVG Antivirus Removal Tool

AVG Antivirus Removal Tool is the best practical avg uninstall tool that basically removes all installation files related to AVG antivirus and other user files associated with the AVG program with a clean uninstall of your Windows computer. You can use this avg uninstall utility to remove the AVG antivirus software from your Windows 8 / 8.1 and 7. You can also use this avg removal tool if you plan to use other antivirus software or if you have problems with the AVG Antivirus program.

How to Remove AVG Antivirus?

Two official avg cleanup tools are available for the complete removal of AVG products.

1.Uninstall using the AVG Clear tool

  1. Download and save AVG Clear  on your computer.
  2. Launch it, the tool prompts you to run it in safe mode on Windows, click No because the tool has Windows compatibility issues.AVG Antivirus Removal Tool
  3. Check if the AVG Uninstaller tool indicates the appropriate paths for the program and installation directories, select the AVG Antivirus product you are using. For example If you are using AVG Free, select ‘AVG Antivirus Free‘ and then click the Uninstall button.
  4. When the product has been uninstalled successfully, a message appears on the screen, restart your computer.

It is note that you must use or run AVG Clear only when you can not uninstall AVG from programs and features in Control Panel.

2. Uninstall using the AVG Remover Tool

  1. Start by downloading AVG Remover tool
  2. When you run it, you will be asked if you want to read the privacy policy, license agreement, or run the AVG Remover utility.AVG Antivirus Removal Tool
  3. When you click AVG Remover, your computer will search for installed AVG products.
  4. After that, when these folders are found after the scan, the user is asked to indicate whether he really wants to uninstall it from his computer. When they accept the prompt, the AVG Antivirus software and any remaining folders are deleted from their computer.AVG Antivirus Removal Tool
  5. Now, it will take a few seconds or minutes, depending on the power and performance of the computer.
  6. Once the operation is complete, the user will be prompted to restart their computer to permanently delete anything that has been created by the AVG antivirus software.

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