Avira Antivirus How to Disable

Avira Antivirus How to Disable

Avira Antivirus How to Disable


While offering protection against potential threats, Avira Internet Security can also interfere with benign operations. Avira’s firewall not only restricts incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, it also controls changes to the system itself. If the program prevents you from adding or removing programs or devices, applying hotfixes, or performing other administrative actions, temporarily disable the software. You can re-enable protection at any time after you complete your task. Although Avira AntiVir Personal has many great features, there is a problem. Whenever you update it or when a security event occurs, it asks you to upgrade to the Premium version. Most of us use this antivirus simply because it is free and we will never update it. It is therefore better to disable the nagging notification.

How to disable the Avira upgrade notification

  1. Go to Start> Control Panel. Then go to Administrative Tools> Local Security Policy.
  2. Select Software Restriction Policy> Additional Rules in the left pane. Right click on it and click on New Path Rule. Find the location of Avira Antivirus now and select the avnotify.exe file.
  3. Set its security level to Prohibited (in the drop-down list).

Disable on Windows

1. Find the virus protection program icon in the Windows notification area. Below are some examples of program icon appearances.

Avira Antivirus

2. Once the antivirus icon is found, right-click it and select Disable, Stop, Stop, or something similar. In some cases, you may need to open the program and disable it using the program’s menus.

How to temporarily disable Avira Antivirus

Avira is one of the world’s largest security companies using next-generation technologies to combat cyber attacks in real time. Avira distinguishes itself from other next-generation enterprises by having a huge cloud-based machine learning engine that receives a steady stream of data from more than 435 million users, making it easy to learning at unprecedented speeds and making our artificial intelligence engine smarter and faster than ever before. all the others. Avira has created a scalable, cloud-based security infrastructure that sees everything that’s happening on the Internet. It provides an overview of everything online, good or bad, giving it the unique advantage of being the first to inspect and analyze potential threats. When new malware is discovered, Avira can quickly deploy new security features to protect their users.

To temporarily disable (or permanently) Avira, click the arrow icon on the Windows taskbar to expand the notification area menu. Find the Avira Antivirus icon and right-click it. A pop-up menu should appear. If this does not happen, try clicking Avira’s Antivirus icon several times until you reach it. Then select “Avira Shield Control” and choose whether to disable it temporarily (for 10 minutes, 1 hour or until the next reboot) or permanently.