Bitdefender Error 1017


Bitdefender Error 1017


Bitdefender offers the best possible security that a system can have with its latest technology. It also provides Internet security to user systems through its real-time scanning capabilities. Real-time canning helps to analyze any virus in case of an immediate attack. For this feature to work properly, customers must update it regularly to keep the real-time running.

If users do not update this feature, they will be exposed to Internet threats and online ransomware. But when you try to update this feature, they usually get the update error 1017 in Bitdefender Internet Security. This error usually blocks the window and customers are usually faced with the problem of freezing windows. Users should investigate the issue as quickly as possible because their antivirus will provide them with Internet security. This hampers the work of users and Bitdefender Error 1017 occurs when clients do not update the product correctly.

Bitdefender Error 1017

Symptoms to Bitdefender Error 1017:

  • Bitdefender “Error 1017” appears and closes the active program window.
  • Your PC crashes frequently with error 1017 while running the same program.
  • “Bitdefender Error 1017” is displayed.
  • Windows is slow and reacts slowly to the mouse or keyboard.
  • Your computer “hangs” periodically for a few seconds at a time.

Causes of Bitdefender Error 1017:

  • The downloaded file is a corrupted or incomplete installation of the Bitdefender Antivirus software.
  • Windows registry corruption following a recent software change, related to Bitdefender Antivirus, such as installation or uninstallation.
  • Viruses and other unwanted infections such as malware, spyware, adware that has corrupted Windows system files, or Bitdefender Antivirus related program files.
  • Another program has corrupted files in Bitdefender Antivirus.

How to solve Bitdefender error 1017 ?

Step 1: First, your operating system may not be compatible with the new update because it is out of date and incompatible.

Step 2: Restart your system in normal mode and update it with the latest operating system so that the compatibility issue is not a problem.

Step 3: To do this, go to the search bar, check for updates, and update your windows by following the instructions in the wizard correctly.

Step 4: Users must ensure that they use updated drivers before updating Bitdefender’s Internet Security.

Step 5: After that, users must reinstall the antivirus after uninstalling it properly by accessing the control panel. Then click on “Settings”, then “Programs and Features”, select the antivirus and click “Uninstall”.

Step 6: Reinstall the antivirus from the official website and the latest update of the feature.