Bitdefender Online Scanner

Bitdefender Online Scanner

Bitdefender Online Scanner



Bitdefender Online Scanner uses cloud scanning technology to detect active malware on your system. Because it focuses on active electronic threats, the product only uses a fraction of the system resources required by a typical virus scan and does not require any tedious virus signature updates because the detection process is performed by servers. Bitdefender remote.

Key features include: –

Fast: Bitdefender Online Scanner runs in the cloud as an ultra-fast virus and spyware detection tool, offering an alternative to traditional, time-consuming virus scanners. 

Light: Online scanning detects viruses and spyware without slowing down your PC, because most operations are done remotely on Bitdefender servers. 

Easy to use: The online scanning service is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. You do not need to install software, perform updates, or perform configuration tasks. 

Update: Since the scanning process is done directly from the Bitdefender servers, there is no need to update the virus signatures.

Bitdefender Online Scanner

Bitdefender Online Scanner only detects viruses and spyware that are active in memory or present in files that are run at system startup. Inactive virus bodies are not scanned and thus are not detected. Bitdefender Online Scanner is an excellent online tool that can protect your computer by routing any threats you may have to your system and alerting you accordingly.

How to install the Bitdefender Online Scanner ?

You must first make sure to uninstall the previous version of Bitdefender Online Scanner Scanner already installed on your computer: If you are using Windows Vista, Internet Explorer must be started with administrator privileges.

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer, open the Tools tab (Alt + T) and click “Uninstall Bitdefender Online Scanner” (if you do not have this option, go to step 2).

Step 2: Once you click on this option, a message appears asking you to close all Internet Explorer windows. Make sure you close ALL windows in Internet Explorer, including the one you just worked on.

Step 3: If you are not allowed to uninstall the scanner online, follow the same instructions in Safe Mode:

– Restart the PC;

– Press the “F8” key several times before loading Microsoft Windows; you must press “F8” until a text menu appears;

– Select “SAFE MODE With Networking” in the text menu and press “Enter”

– Wait while Windows loads in safe mode; this process ends with a confirmation message; click “OK” to accept.

Step 4: Open Internet explorer (with Administrative privileges if you are using Vista) and go to this link:

Step 5: You will now need to click on “Start Scanner” and a new window will appear asking you if you agree to the terms and conditions. Check the box and click “Start”.

Step 6: The Internet Explorer pop-up blocker will ask you to take action because the website is trying to install the online scanner add-on. You will need to click on the text message displayed at the top of this window and select “Install ActiveX Control …”.