Bitdefender Update Error 2019

Bitdefender Update Error 2019

Bitdefender Update Error 2019


Bitdefender Antivirus is one of the best antivirus vendors on the market that helps users by providing safe solutions for system security. There are many types of products available for use by the general public and they provide comprehensive help and security to the user system.

Bitdefender Update 2019 Error is generally faced by the users when the update of the antivirus is interrupted in between or the antivirus has been creating problems from before due to some problem. It can also be faced by the user due to the incompatibility of the system configuration with the antivirus.

Bitdefender Update Error 2019


Steps to Fix Bitdefender Update Error 2019:

Method 1: Scan Your Pc

Step 1: Click on Windows+R button.

Step 2: Now type cmd.exe in Run and click on enter.

Step 3: Now type sfc/scan-now in command prompt and click on the enter.

Step 4: Above executed command will examine your PC for errors and then fix it.

Method 2: Open Quality Space

Step 1: Firstly repeat the Step 1 and Step 2 from Method1

Step 2: Enter %temp% and click on enter and remove all files from it.

Step 3: Enter prefetch and click on enter and remove all the files found in it

Step 4: Enter Recent and click on enter to free the memory space and remove all the files from the folder.

Method 3: Manual Update

Step 1: Follow the GFI Mail Essentials installation path.

Step 2: Now remove the files .txt, txt.checked, and txt.tmp

Step 3: Now again go to Step1 and Step2 of method 1.

Step 4: Enter services.msc and click on enter now to restart GFI services.

Step 5: Now, double-click the essentials email configuration, open the drop-down list and choose email security followed by virus scanning engine, choose Bit defender and click on updates.

Step 6: Now select the download update and click on the apply button to start updating Bitdefender antivirus.