Bitdefender Vpn Error Code 1010

Bitdefender Vpn Error Code 1010

Bitdefender Vpn Error Code 1010


What is Bitdefender Vpn Error Code 1010 ?

Be careful when accessing, downloading or uploading content from the Internet. To make sure you stay safe while browsing the web, use Bitdefender when –

  • Want to connect to public wireless networks
  • Come to obtain content that is normally confined to specific areas, whether at home or abroad.
  • Want to keep personal data such as usernames, passwords, e-mail addresses.
  • Wish to hide the IP address.
Bitdefender Vpn Error Code 1010
Bitdefender Vpn Error Code 1010

How to Fix Bitdefender Vpn Error Code 1010?

Step 1: First, you need to make sure that before you connect to Bitdefender’s VPN, you are properly connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and have a stable Internet connection.

Step 2: Make sure your system is not trying to connect to another available VPN.

Step 3: The firewall configured with force can also create this problem. Make sure it is disabled before enabling VPN.

Step 4: If these precautions do not work and you still see the error, you must restart your device.

Step 5: Try to connect to a stable network that is working properly.

Step 6: Now you need to reinstall the Bitdefender VPN after uninstalling it correctly from your system.

Step 7: Download it again and go to “Bitdefender Interface”. On the left of your screen, go to “Privacy” and go there.

Step 8: Now click on “VPN Control Panel” and select “Install Bitdefender VPN”.

Step 9: After that, you have to change the DNS.

Step 10: To do this, go to “Control Panel”, then “Network and Internet”, then “Network and Sharing Center”, select “Change adapter Settings”, then “Properties”.

Step 11: In the list of connection items, select “Internet Protocol Version 4,” and then click “Properties.”

Step 12: Now you must choose one of the following DNS servers: Preferred DNS Servers:, Secondary DNS Server: If you can not change the DNS server, contact Bitdefender Customer Service.

Chat support is a right mode to get in touch with online technicians for troubleshooting antivirus related various types of technical issues affecting such security software. It is a Bitdefender technical support, open 24-hour to assist users and help them online.