Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO


What is a Black Hat?

Black hats are unethical. Black hats manipulate search results and sites must fight for placements against people who do not follow the rules. Black Hts are not SEO professionals, they simply create SPAM. Black Hat SEO is simply considered the all-tactic search engine optimization application that the search engines themselves have found to be inappropriate and / or unacceptable. Google continues its efforts to have its algorithm reward websites that add value to human visitors. Conversely, it seeks to penalize the sites which are rather directed to the algorithm of the search engine. By following this logic, if a technique you are considering will only increase the ranking, but add no value to the visitor experience (or worse, decrease it further), it is reasonable to assume that your plan will be considered like a black hat in the eyes of Google. There are various Black Hat SEO methods, including spamdexing, ghosting, and hacking of competing sites. White Hat SEO, meanwhile, uses legitimate tactics to help a website rank prominently in organic search results.

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Here are some examples of Black Hat SEO methods

  • Keyword Filling: Loads of extended keyword lists in alt tags, meta tags, and comment tags in text that is invisible to human eyes. This repeated flood of exactly the same keywords in a web page is designed to fool the search engine algorithms, which read the keywords and place the web page at the top of the search results.
  • Link creation / exploitation: publishing a website URL on a site consisting of a directory of links containing numerous links to other websites with completely independent content.
  • Pages doors: These pages are indexed by the result of the search. However, when users access a door page, they are redirected to an independent web page.
  • Invisible / hidden text: Inserts long lists of white text keywords onto a white background. This technique is considered spam, which can lead search engines to prohibit those who use it.

Why should you avoid Black Hat SEO?

  • Black Hat SEO tactics may ban your website from Google and other search engines.
  • While traffic to your site may be successful in the short term, the penalties imposed by Google are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can have a devastating effect on your rankings and traffic. With hundreds of millions of users doing a daily search on Google, can you really afford to be deindexed?

What happens when you break the rules?

So, what happens when Google sees a SEO behavior that does not please him? Generally, Google will modify its algorithms so that these techniques no longer work.

Some of the most notable updates to Google’s search algorithms have been:

  • Florida, which penalized keyword stuffing
  • Panda, who penalized content farms
  • Penguin, which penalizes certain practices of putting in relation