Brother Error Code 2019

Brother Error Code 2019

Brother Error Code 2019


If your system cannot recognize your Brother Scanner, error code 2019 displays on the screen. When the scanner driver is having problem, the scanner cannot scan properly. If this pesky error is giving you sleepless nights, fix Brother Error Code 2019 with suitable resolutions.Brother scanner speeds up your scanning experience. Such devices fit perfectly in any atmosphere, no matter where. But because of a connectivity or communication error, Brother scanners start to act abnormally. It continues to display “Scanner Not Found”. Such an error code appears with an error message. The Brother Error Code 2019 usually means that a problem has occurred while scanning devices. Your system no longer recognizes your scanner and does not prevent you from printing.

Brother Error Code 2019

 Solutions to Troubleshoot Brother Error Code 2019

Step 1: Connect your Brother scanner with a USB cable to your PC. Use the USB cable that came with your Brother scanner.

Step 2: Next, you need to turn on your scanner and search the PC if it is displayed or not.

Step 3: If the scanner does not turn on even after pressing the power button, charge your system and scan it with the USB cable.

Step 4: After that, if you can not locate your PC on the display screen, connect the scanner to your system using a USB cable. And also insert an SD card into the scanner.

Step 5: Disable the Wi-Fi button on your device and press the OK button.

Step 6: Your PC will then be displayed on the screen.

Step 7: Make sure to use the scanning application when PC mode is enabled on your PC. Wait at least 10 seconds and unplug the USB cable from the scanner.

Step 8: Connect the USB cable with the scanner again as well as to other working ports.

Brother Error Code 2019

Step 9: Use Administration Rights to log into your PC and thus install required drivers and software.

Step 10: Log into your PC with Administration Rights and scan the desired documents.

Step 11: Allow the “Avision” of KEXT in System Preferences.

Step 12: To do so, click on System Preferences followed by clicking on Security and Privacy.

Step 13: Now select “Avision” in Blocked Developer and finally click on Allow.
However, if you are unable to correct the error by following all three procedures, you must contact Brother Technical Support. Brother printer experts are highly qualified and certified professionals who are available 24/7 to assist you with all your Brother printer issues. For instant help, chat with Brother Customer Support number.