Brother Machine Error 46

Brother Machine Error 46

Brother Machine Error 46


When you turn on your Brother printer, its screen displays error code 46 or an error from the Brother machine 46. Have you ever wondered how widespread this problem was, and the majority of printer users are faced with this error in their printer. To correct any errors in your printer, visit the site or call the Brother Printer Repair Service technicians. Error 46 takes effect when the ink absorbing pad is full and needs to be replaced. Well, this is a very important segment of your printer if the ink pad has absorbed a lot of ink, it’s time to buy a new ink absorber pad.

Once you have completely used an ink-absorbing pad, it may become saturated with ink. However, it is impossible to measure the degree of saturation of the sponge. When you feel that your ink absorbing pad has been passed two seasons, you must change it. If you recently changed the ink absorber pad, follow the steps below to reset error code 46.

Brother Machine Error 46

Causes of Brother Machine Error 46

According to the Brother Support, Brother printer error 46 is displayed when an item called “ink absorber pad” is full and needs to be replaced (do not worry, you do not have to nothing to replace when you try our fix).

This is an essential part of the printer and there is a very good reason for having an ink absorbing pad that works properly, but it’s a lot simpler than you think.

In addition, the error code is often triggered when the ink absorber is not full. That’s why there is a simple way to remove the error and put your printer back into service.

Steps to fix Brother Machine Error 46:

Apply the following solutions and get promising results:

Step 1: Place your printer into Maintenance Mode

  • Remove the power cable from the side of your printer, not from the socket.
  • Press the start or menu button beside the Brother Printer LCD screen.
  • Hold the menu button down and attach the cable to your printer, press continues until you find a maintenance mode message on the screen.
  • Now your printer is in the configuration mode and reads maintenance.

Step 2: Resetting the Purge counter

  • Press 8 and 0 on the keypad to open the options up.
  • Use arrow key to scroll through the options and highlight Purge option.
  • Now press 2783 and the number next to the word PURGE should set to zero.
  • Press down the stop button to exit and retrieve to the maintenance mode menu.
  • Press 9 and 9 to restart the Brother Printer Machine.