Brother Printer Error 50

Brother Printer Error 50

Brother Printer Error 50


Brother printers are known for their optimized print quality, faxing, and scanning, which means multiple functions on a single machine. Thus, every Brother printer user is satisfied with the features of the Brother printer. The Brother Printer Error 50 has a different reason. That’s why, for all the important customers of the Brother printer, we mentioned the easiest way to remove the error from the Brother printer.

Causes of Brother Printer Error 50

We have discussed here some reasons for the error of the Brother printer. That is why, for all customers, we have indicated the reason and for these reasons, we have also mentioned the method to resolve the error of the Brother printer.

  • The most common reason for the error may be a torn sheet of paper or paper clip stuck in the machine.
  • The error may be due to a mechanical malfunction of the printer.

Brother Printer Error 50

Methods to solve of Brother Printer Error 50:

If you are trying to solve manually Brother Printer Error 50 then you can use the below mentioned methods to get an instant and positive result.


  1. First, you need to open the scanner cover with the help of plastic tabs, placed at the left and right side of the printer device.
  2. Then, set your printer head in the middle of the printer.
  3. Now, you have to make sure that any piece of paper, staple or clip has not jammed.
  4. Now restart your printer, if you get again this error then you need to go to the next solution.

Method- 2:

  1. First, Open the scanner cover using the plastic tabs on the cover on the left and right sides of the printer until it carefully pops into the open state.
  2. Shift the print head to the right side under the cover to ensure that you have cleaned the complete encoder strip.
  3. Now, utilize by using a lint free cloth, carefully hold the encoder strip of both sides and rub the cloth on the strip from one side to another side at least three times.
  4. Then after cleaning it, restart your printer, if you face the problem again then you can use the next method. 

Method 3:

  1. You need to make sure for the position of the encoder strip which gives the print head, it’s position is fine or not.
  2. You need to open the machine and reinsert the encoder strip in a right place.
  3. After reinserting the strip, restart your printer and check the error has resolved.

If the error persists again than you need to contact Brother Printer Support to get a perfect guidance and support for your error.