Brother Printer Errors Code TS-05


The Brother printer error code TS-05 is a connection failure error occurs on the WLAN report. The TS-05 error code means that your Brother printer is not connected to your home wireless network. The main thing is that your SSID and the network key are incorrect because the WLAN access point / router can not be detected. So do not take the tension on it. Simply remove or correct Brother printer error code TS-05, just follow the steps below to fix it.

Brother Printer Errors Code TS-05

What are the Causes for Brother Printer Errors Code TS-05 ?

  • The major reason behind the Error TS-05 is the incorrect SSID name
  • Incorrect network key can also be a serious reason behind the error in the printer
  • It’s possible that the printer may not receive the first WEP Key if the router is using multiple WEP keys while operating the WEP encryptions.

Methods to Fix Brother Printer Errors Code TS-05

Method 1:- Re-confirm SSID and Security Information (Network Key)

  • First, you need to check the SSID and the security information is correct.
  • Then you must try to reconfirm the SSID and security information (network key). For this you can follow these steps to complete the task.
  • Do one of the following to find the network name (SSID, ESSID) and network key: See the side of your WLAN access point / router.
  • The initial network name can be the manufacturer’s name or the model name.
  • Reconfirm the SSID and security information (network key).

Method 2:- Check Your Printer Supports the First WEP

  • If your WLAN access point/router uses WEP encryption with the multiple WEP keys (WEP Key 1, WEP Key 2, WEP Key 3, and WEP Key 4).
  • Then enter the key used as the first WEP key (WEP Key 1).
  • Your Brother machine supports the use of the first WEP key only.

Now check the error is resolved, if not, then go to the next step.

Step 3:- Check WLAN Access Point/Router

Ensure that the WLAN access point/router is powered on correctly.

Step 4:- Check Internet Connection

You should also try to check your Internet connection, which means that your Internet is operating via a computer with a built-in wireless LAN to verify that the WLAN access point / router is working properly. If you can not connect to the Internet, your WLAN access point / router may not work properly.