Brother Printer Fax Error 2001

Brother Printer Fax Error 2001

Brother Printer Fax Error 2001


Brother Printer Fax Error 2001 is one of the errors of this type caused by interference on the telephone line connection, an incorrect telephone line connection, an alarm system or other connected device. The error code 2001 is a common error usually occurs on the Brother machine’s LCD screen when users send or receive faxes. So users no longer have to worry, the error can be easily corrected. Here, the blog will explain the steps to troubleshoot the Brother Printer Fax Error 2001.

Steps to Solve Brother Printer Fax Error 2001

Step 1:- Verify the Quality of the Dial Tone

Brother Printer Fax Error 2001

You should try to check the quality of the dial tone by pressing the “Hook” key. Follow the steps to do check dial tone.

  • Plug the telephone line cord into your Brother machine, and then plug the other end directly into the wall telephone jack (socket).
  • Check for a dial tone, you can use two ways:-
  1. Press “Fax”, when Fax Preview is set to OFF or nothing.
  2. Press “Fax and Sending Faxes”, when Fax Preview is set to ON.
  • Check your Brother machine has Hook or Tel.
  1. If your Brother machine has Hook, then press it, and listen for a dial tone. Confirm the speaker volume is turned up.
  2. If your Brother machine has Tel, then you can check for a dial tone by connecting an external phone to the jack (socket) labeled EXT.

If the dial tone is clear, then go to the next step 2.

Step 2:- Check the Telephone Line Connection

Now check if the telephone line is connected to a device other than the telephone wall jack, then disconnect the line from this unit and plug it directly into the telephone wall jack. Make sure it’s only for testing purposes. If you want to remove such devices, you can decide whether the problem is with the Brother machine or another device.

Step 3:- Plugged Jack Labeled

When the phone line is plugged directly from the Line jack on the Brother machine to the telephone wall jack, and then attempts to resend the fax. If the fax was successful, the problem was due to another device or other item in the line. Check that the error is resolved, otherwise the Brother machine always displays the message Error, then go to the next step 4.

Step 4:- Change Brother Machine’s Compatibility Setting

You should try to change your Brother machine’s Compatibility setting, maybe this will help you to fix this error code 2001.

Hit on the “Menu”, 2 (Fax), 0 (Miscellaneous), 1 (Compatibility).

  • Press the “UP OR DOWN ARROW” key to choose Basic (for VoIP).
  • Push the “OK”
  • Press the Stop/Exit key.

Brother Printer Fax Error 2001

Step 5: Send Another Fax To Testing

You should try sending another fax to check if the fax is transmitted without an error message, so you can compensate the phone line. If not, try connecting your Brother machine to another phone line in known operating condition and test the sending and receiving functions.