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24*7 Business Support

Get the expertise when you need it. Trend Micro 24×7 Business support includes access to customer service engineers, a highly trained group of legacy system administrators, network engineers, and data centers, and consultants with many years of experience in the field. solving everyday security problems. They have extensive knowledge and security expertise, as well as access to Trend Micro’s global technical ecosystem and tools to address any security concerns, including content , the data center and risk management. To get any type of Trend Micro Business Support for your organization.

Choose Support That’s Best for Your Organization

Choose between two levels of support to ensure secure operations:

  • 24/7 support is available for critical business issues, as defined at Assistance during business hours is provided for non-critical issues. You receive Trend Micro 24×7 support with your active maintenance agreement.
  • Premium Support Program provides you with a named Customer Service Manager who will be your permanent contact to help you solve urgent problems and provide expert advice to improve your security


Key Benefits of Trend Micro Business Support

As the cyber security landscape becomes more complex, our business support teams have the best knowledge base, ongoing training, and sufficient staff to deal with customer issues. Trend Micro Support Services can:

  • Ensure your security by quickly resolving support issues.
  • Make technical support whenever you need it
  • Replace your IT staff by offloading security issues
  • Optimize your return on investment with expert advice on your industry-leading Trend Micro solutions.
  • Provide proactive, real-time advice from a dedicated customer service manager


Why Trend Micro Premium Support Is a Great Choice ?

With a Customer Service Manager security expert in your team, you’ll save time and effort, reduce risk, and improve Trend Micro’s return on investment. Trend Micro Premium support includes:

  • Optimized implementation of your Trend Micro security solution for the best possible protection of your particular environment.
  • Real-time guidance on current security threats and risks that help you avoid targeted infections and attacks and prevent the loss of intellectual property and other data.
  • Periodic medical checks to ensure permanent protection against data loss and interruptions
  • Expert consultation on your specific security issues. This will help you save time and money by avoiding the costs of finding security options and the potential implementation of non-optimal configurations.
  • Annual Safety Planning Meeting with your management teams to make the most of your security systems and prioritize security investments based on your needs and goals. Your customer service manager will provide a detailed assessment of your security profile, the presence of deficiencies and the best way to fill it. Customer Service Managers commit to working with your team to provide highly responsive and personalized service and protection. They focus on your business to provide operating strategies tailored to your environment. Optimize your security profile through technologies, processes and people and configure your Trend Micro security solutions to optimize IT service levels. And we have been doing it for longer than any other independent security provider. You can count on Trend Micro for state-of-the-art security solutions backed by superior support services.