Canon Printer Error Code E02


Canon Printer Error Code E02


About Canon Printer Error Code E02

Canon is a well-known brand known for the manufacture and sale of high-end electronic devices such as camcorders, printers and other peripherals. All Canon printer models come with advanced features and multitasking capabilities. However, that said, we also can not deny the existence of error codes associated with the device. In addition, the Canon e02 printer error is one of those issues that keeps users upset. In general, this occurs when the device runs out of paper or you have misplaced the paper in the paper tray. In either case, you should contact the Canon Printer Support Experts for a solution to this problem. If not, you can also try to solve the problem yourself by following the tips given below.

Canon Printer Error Code E02

How to fix Canon Printer Error Code E02

Please try the following solution to see to resolve the Error Code E02 Canon E510:

Solution 1 :

1. Turn off the printer
2.Open the print head
3. turn on the printer
4. The cartridges will begin to move to the left. Before the cartridges reach the left side, close the printer cover and leave it on.

Solution 2 :

1.Reset your print head
2.Turn off your printer and leave it off for a few minutes.
3.Turn on your printer again and see if the problem is resolved

Solution 3:

1.Remove and clean your print head
2.Clean the print head connectors with markers and alcohol.
3.Before turning on your printer, make sure the connectors are completely dry.
4.Press the power button quickly to start the printer restart mode.

Solution 4:

1. Take out all the ink cartridges
2.Lift the gray bar from where the ink goes
3.Place the print head in the center of the printer while the printer was off.
4.Clean plastic primers / cleaners on the printer.

Solution 5:

1.Replace the problematic cartridge
2.Check your printer manually when you want to replace the cartridge.

Solution 6:

1.Checking the obstruction
2.You must turn off your printer
3.Remove the paper and check that it is not obstructed

Solution 7:

1. Press the power and copy button on your printer.
2.Wait a few times
3. After that, the printer should start and you just have to check the nozzles.