Canon printer set-up support

Canon printer set-up support

Canon printer set-up support



When you try to install a printer or you need to install printer drivers to solve problems using your printer, you can find one of the following situations: 

  • You are having trouble installing your printer 
  • Your printer is not automatically installed when you’re connected to and on your computer 
  • You lost your driver CD that came with your printer 
  • You have received a print error message 

In every case, downloading and installing the latest printer driver from your printer creator’s website can solve this problem. This article describes how to find and download the latest printer driver from your printer’s website and how to install a driver on your computer. To use these steps, you need to log in to the computer with the administrator account. 

Select the right printer driver to download, you need to know the make and model of your printer. To set your printer’s make and model,

You can do some of the following items

  • Check the printer. Make and model are usually on the cover.  
  • Check the document included with your printer. 

Basically what you want to do is do when you get to your printer Producer’s websiteCanon printer set-up support

  • Find Downloads or Drivers section. 
  • select out where you can create your printer and choose the model. 
  • Find out where you can choose your Windows XP platform type. 
  • Latest Latest Driver Select 
  • Please read the download instructions and then download the printer driver. (We’ll give you more specific instructions on how to download printer driver files in just one minute. Just try to search for the file.) 

Next, tell the wizard what to look for the printer driver files you extracted

  1. On this page, click Disk. Opens the Install dialog box from the disk.
  2. In the Install from Disk dialog box, click Browse, and then fix the folder where you print the folder.
  3. When you find the right folder, click Open.
  4. The path to your folder should now appear in the copy in the Manufacturer Product in the box in the Install From Discovery dialog box. Click OK. 

Finally, see if you can print a test page

  1. On the print test page of the wizard, click Yes to print a test page. Then click Next, and then click Finish.  
  2. If you have successfully printed the test page, then you are done. 

Unfortunately, if the test page was not printed successfully, you still have some troubleshooting over this set up. First, click on contact and canon help you to troubleshoot your problem. And help you to resolve it.