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Alexa Amazon Fire Stick

[breadcrumb_simple] Can we connect Alexa Amazon Fire Stick ? Yes, it is possible to control your TV with Alexa. As long as you have an Amazon Fire TV, you can control the stick or the streaming box using an Echo speaker. Link your devices If you only have one Fire TV device registered in your…
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Alexa Amazon App Not Working

[breadcrumb_simple] Why Alexa Amazon App Not Working ? In the United States, it seems that the Alexa application does not work. When they try to use Alexa, users report that it gives answers such as “I’m not sure what’s going on”, “Sorry, your Echo Dot has lost your connection” or “Sorry, something does not work…
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Alexa Amazon Prime Setup

[breadcrumb_simple] Setup Alexa Amazon PrimeĀ  You’ll be about to ask silly questions to the Alexa voice assistant in no time! This hands-free voice-activated speaker can do more than you think. Activated with Alexa, the echo can respond to voice commands and listen to your music, read audio books, report weather, break news, and more. With…
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Alexa Problems Connecting to Internet

[breadcrumb_simple] Why Alexa Problems Connecting to Internet ? The range of Alexa products offered by Amazon, such as the popular Echo, can make our lives easier, but without Wi-Fi, Alexa becomes essentially useless. If your Alexa does not connect to Wi-Fi, the problem may be due to one or more reasons. The troubleshooting tips below…
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