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Google Pixel 3 Xl Problem

  The Pixel 3 XL are fantastic phones, but they are not without problems. Several problems reported with the phones appeared as thousands of devices were sent to people and used. Some of the complaints are due to the fact that Pixels are hyper-analyzed by the crowd of Android enthusiasts, but there are still many…
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Google Pixel Heating Problem

Overheating is usually a sign of hardware malfunction, although in some cases the software may also be implicated. If your Pixel has trouble staying on, or overheating, or both, it may be due to a software bug or a hardware problem. This troubleshooting article will help you to limit possible causes. Solution to solve Google…
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Google Pixel Error 38

Google pixel error 38 is an error that usually prevents you from sending text messages from your Android phone. A smartphone can not send or receive SMS or SMS for various reasons. This can be a problem on the network or the operator system, an account problem, a SIM card problem, a software problem, incorrect…
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Google Pixel 2 Xl

  About Google Pixel 2 Xl Pixel 2 XL is an Android smartphone designed and developed by LG and marketed by Google. They were announced at a Google event on October 4, 2017, as successors of the Pixel XL. It was launched on October 19, 2017 and is the second set of smartphones in the…
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Google Pixel 2 Xl Problem

  The Google Android offers the best possible software experience, wrapped in an elegant case. That’s why the Google Pixel 2 XL called it the best Android smartphone in the world. His sibling, the Pixel 2, is no exception either, but as remarkable as these phones are, they are not quite perfect to the pixel.…
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