Dascom 7206 Driver

Dascom 7206 Driver

Dascom 7206 Driver


Tally Dascom 7206 Driver thermal transfer models offer industrial performance in desktop size. The mechanism uses an all-metal construction ensuring reliable operation, which is essential in all industrial environments. The easy-to-use design of the printers provides a space-saving vertical opening and an easy-to-use print mechanism for quick and easy loading of labels and ribbons.Dascom 7206 Driver

A smart ribbon control system prevents the ribbon from creasing, giving you consistently high print quality. In addition to this, the 7206 is also available with options such as a knife and peeler to meet industry requirements. The 7206-300 with a resolution of 300 dpi is ideal for printing labels with logos, images and graphics.

Steps to download and install Dascom 7206 Driver

  1. Install the printer driver as a USB installation.
  2. Click “Start” → “Devices and Printers”, right-click the 7206 printer driver, and then click “Printer Properties”.
  3. Then you will see the screen. Click on “Ports” → “Add Port”.
  4. Select “Standard TCP / IP Port” and click “New Port”.
  5. You will see the screen, click “Next” to continue.
  6. Complete the fields “Printer Name or IP Address” and “Port Name”.
  7. Click “Next” to go to the screen.
  8. Then you will see the screen, click “Next” to continue.
  9. Click “Finish” to complete the installation of the printer driver.
  10. Click “Start” → “Devices and Printers”, right-click the 7206 printer driver, and then click “Printer Properties.” Then click “Ports” → “Configure Port” and complete the configuration setting on the screen. Click “OK” to complete the configuration.

Features of Dascom 7206

  • 6 fps print speed
  • Print width 4.10 inches, 104.1 mm
  • Thermal Transfer Printing Method
  • Print length from 6.35mm to 812.8mm (0.25 “to 32”)
  • Resolution available for 203 dpi / 300 dpi models
  • Bitmap Font Styles 7, True Type
  • Print head life 50 km or 6 months
  • Memory 16 MB SDRAM; 4 MB Flash
  • Standard serial connectivity (RS-232C), USB (version 1.1)
  • Optional Ethernet LAN Connectivity (10/100 BaseT), Parallel (IEEE-1284)
  • Zebra ZPL-II standard auto-switching emulation and Datamax I class, DMX400, Prodigy Plus
  • Ribbon Consumables, Thermal Transfer Paper / Labels
  • Media between 0.77 “and 4.65” (19.6 mm to 118.1 mm)
  • Support length 0.25 “to 32” (6.35 mm to 812.8 mm)
  • Inner roller diameter: 5 “(125 mm). Externally 8 “with optional support. Core size 1 “- 3” (25 mm to 76 mm).
  • Physical weight 4.5 kg