Datamax o’neil e4205 Driver

Datamax o'neil e4205 Driver

Datamax o’neil e4205 Driver


The Datamax-O-Neil E-Class Mark II E-4205e Thermal Desktop Printer offers a proven, reliable solution for printing labels and labels in a compact form factor. The E-4205e has a print width of 4.25 “, a print speed of 5” / second and a resolution of 203 dpi. It is ideal for a large number of diverse applications requiring a reliable and economical barcode printer. The Datamax-O-Neil E-4205e features an adjustable print mechanism specifically designed for advanced media detection.

Datamax o'neil e4205 Driver

The Datamax E-4205 barcode printer is highly functional and economical. The resolution of 203 dpi, combined with the speed of 127 mm per second, makes it the ideal solution for printing labels and labels. The DataMax E-4205A Horizontal Enclosure allows you to view the level of media during operation and makes it easy to replace the tape and label quickly and easily. The DataMax E-4205A can be used in a variety of applications such as repair control, health services, pharmacies, shelf labels, postal services, delivery management and more.

Steps to download and install Datamax o’neil e4205 Driver

Follow the steps below to install the Datamax-O’Neil Windows printer driver and synchronize it with a USB / parallel cable.

  1. Download the latest driver directly from the Seagull Scientific website.
  2. Start the program
  3. Accept the “license agreement” and click “Next”.
  4. The installation directory ‘C: \ Seagull’ will be displayed, click ‘Next’
  5. Check the box ‘Run the driver wizard after unpacking the drivers’ and uncheck ‘Read installation instructions’.
  6. Click on ‘Finish’
  7. The current window closes and the Seagull Driver Wizard appears on the screen.
  8. Select “Install Printer Drivers” and click “Next.”
  9. ” How is this printer going to be? ‘Will be displayed with USB selected by default. Select ‘Other (such as parallel or series)’USB to Parallel cables do not support the Windows Plug and Play option
  10. Click on ‘Next’
  11. Select “Manufacturer” on the left and “Printer Model” on the right. Select “Datamax” for Legacy printers not listed under “Datamax-O’Neil” and click “Next.”
  12. ‘Specify Port’ will be indicated. In order to complete the installation, select ‘LPT1’ and click ‘Next’
  13. ‘Specify Printer Name’ will be displayed. The name of the printer can be changed if necessary, otherwise click on ‘Next’
  14. The summary with all settings will be displayed, click ‘Finish’
  15. The driver will be installed, click ‘Finish’

Features of Datamax o’neil e4205 

  • Easy to load
  • Robust double wall construction
  • Wrap Around Media Window
  • Easy to maintain on the ground
  • Sealed user interface panel

Advantages of Datamax o’neil e4205

  • Seamless integration
  • Competitive price
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Direct thermal, heat transfer
  • Optional resolution of 203 dpi [8 dots / mm], 300 dpi [12 dots / mm]
  • 4.25 “(108 mm)  203 dpi (8 dots / mm); 4.16 “(106 mm) 300 dpi (12 dots / mm) maximum print width
  • 203 DPI models: 2 to 6 IPS (50.8 to 152.4 mm / s)
  • 300 DPI models: 2 to 5 IPS (50.8 – 127 mm / s)
  • Professional and Professional: Serial RS232, USB 2.0, Bidirectional Parallel, Ethernet 10/100 BaseT, USB Host, Wireless LAN 802.11a / b / g, Bluetooth v2.0