Datamax-o’neil m-4206 Driver

Datamax-o'neil m-4206 Driver

Datamax-o’neil m-4206 Driver


The Datamax M-4206 is the newest member of the Datamax family of printers and the first in a series of upcoming class M printers. The M Class combines industry-recognized engineering with superior design, borrowed from to Datamax I-Class printers. The M-4206 has been designed to exceed the expectations of the most demanding users.


Datamax-o'neil m-4206 DriverThe M-4206 is built on a die-cast aluminum chassis to improve durability and performance. The printer design allows for field-installable options and quick media changes for users requiring critical print capabilities. The M-Class features a compact modular design for use in environments with limited space and low total cost of ownership. Options such as thermal transfer, internal rewinding, peeling, presentation and a knife are installable and removable by the user.

Steps to download and install Datamax-o’neil m-4206 Driver

Follow the steps below to install the Datamax-O’Neil Windows printer driver and synchronize it with a USB / parallel cable.

  1. Download the latest driver directly from the Seagull Scientific website.
  2. Start the program
  3. Accept the “license agreement” and click “Next”.
  4. The installation directory ‘C: \ Seagull’ will be displayed, click ‘Next’
  5. Check the box ‘Run the driver wizard after unpacking the drivers’ and uncheck ‘Read installation instructions’.
  6. Click on ‘Finish’
  7. The current window closes and the Seagull Driver Wizard appears on the screen.
  8. Select “Install Printer Drivers” and click “Next.”
  9. ” How is this printer going to be? ‘Will be displayed with USB selected by default. Select ‘Other (such as parallel or series)’USB to Parallel cables do not support the Windows Plug and Play option
  10. Click on ‘Next’
  11. Select “Manufacturer” on the left and “Printer Model” on the right. Select “Datamax” for Legacy printers not listed under “Datamax-O’Neil” and click “Next.”
  12. ‘Specify Port’ will be indicated. In order to complete the installation, select ‘LPT1’ and click ‘Next’
  13. ‘Specify Printer Name’ will be displayed. The name of the printer can be changed if necessary, otherwise click on ‘Next’
  14. The summary with all settings will be displayed, click ‘Finish’
  15. The driver will be installed, click ‘Finish’

Datamax-O’neil M4206 Direct Printer Benefits

  • Modular design and field installable options reduce downtime and improve efficiency.
  • With its unique form factor, the M-Class Mark II fits easily into tight spaces where the workspace is paramount.
  • Can be used in a wide variety of applications with a range of media compatibility, connectivity and emulation support
  • The budget is easy, with the best value proposition for an industrial printer.