Datamax o’neil rl4 Drivers

Datamax o’neil rl4 Drivers

Datamax o'neil rl4 Drivers

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The Datamax o'neil rl4  is a rugged 4-inch (102mm) direct thermal printer with robust design and reliable performance that will continue to work long after other printers fail. We are so convinced of the quality and long-term reliability of this rugged printer. Datamax-O'Neil has built its reputation on rugged and reliable portable receipt printers and is now leveraging this expertise to design the strongest portable label printer on the market. The Datamax O'Neil RL4 portable label printer is a rugged, versatile and reliable thermal printer.

Datamax o'neil rl4 Drivers

The RL4 also offers mounting options for forklifts and vehicles for increased flexibility. The RL4 prints up to 102 mm (4 inches) wide and comes with a 2-year free warranty. Most competing brands offer only one year warranty. The RL4 allows the operator to print on-demand barcode labels, avoiding the risk of confusion between batch-printed labels, which can result in considerable commercial and operational costs. The RL4 offers not only great durability, but also great ease of use. A flush-mounted LCD on the top of the unit provides easy-to-read status messages, as opposed to decrypting flashing LEDs.

Steps to Download and Install Datamax o'neil rl4 Drivers

  1. Download the latest driver directly from the Seagull Scientific website.
  2. Start the program
  3. Accept the “license agreement” and click “Next”.
  4. The installation directory “C: \ Seagull” appears, click “Next”.
  5. Select the “Run Driver Wizard After Driver Unpack” checkbox and uncheck the “Read Installation Instructions” box.
  6. Click on ‘Finish’
  7. The current window closes and the Seagull Pilot Wizard appears on the screen.
  8. Select “Install Printer Drivers” and click “Next.”
  9. “How is this printer going to be? “Will be displayed with USB selected by default. Select “Other (parallel or series, for example)”. USB to Parallel cables do not support the Windows Plug-and-Play option.
  10. Click on ‘Next’
  11. Select “Manufacturer” on the left and “Printer Model” on the right. Select “Datamax” for existing printers not listed under “Datamax-O’Neil” and then click “Next.”
  12. “Specify port” will be indicated. To complete the installation, select ‘LPT1’ and click ‘Next’.
  13. ‘Specify Printer Name’ is displayed. The name of the printer can be changed if necessary, otherwise click on ‘Next’.
  14. The summary with all settings will be displayed, click ‘Finish’
  15. The driver will be installed, click ‘Finish’

Main Features of Datamax o'neil rl4

  • 4 "per second print speed
  • USB, standard series, Bluetooth and 802.11a / b / g optional
  • Resists falling 6 feet to concrete
  • Withstands 2,000 drops of free fall from 19.69 "(IEC 60068-2-31)
  • Operates at temperatures as low as 14 ° F
  • Supports ZPL, CPCL, DPL, IPL and EZ Print languages
  • Two-year manufacturer's warranty (twice the competition)

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