Dell Laptop Error Code 0146

Dell Laptop Error Code 0146

Dell Laptop Error Code 0146


What is Dell Laptop Error Code 0146 ?

If you are using a Dell desktop / laptop and you have a problem with “Error Code 0146”, do not worry, the hard disk and the Windows registry are the cause. Well, you can easily “fix Dell Inspiron 0146 Dell hard drive error code” or a “disk read error”. The Dell error code 0146 is a typical error code associated with the hard drive of a Dell laptop. Your Dell laptop may crash and system applications stop responding for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to correct the error immediately.

Dell Laptop Error Code 0146

Some reasons for Dell error code 2000-0146

  • When your laptop’s hard drive is corrupted due to an interaction with a virus, this error may occur on your laptop.
  • When the voltage drops in your power supply / emits from time to time. To solve this problem, you can use an UPS as an intermediate to charge your laptop without connecting it directly to the power supply. UPS will manage the power supply and protect it from damage.
  • Most users do not disconnect their laptops even when their laptops are fully charged. This is another main reason for error 2000-0146. As a user, you should see when your laptop is fully charged and unplug it from the power supply.

Solution to solve Dell Laptop Error Code 0146

Solution 1 – Reset the system configuration

System configuration is another name for the BIOS. Therefore, you may need to check the BIOS settings to correct error code 0146. Now, it is time to simply follow the procedure below, given the reset system setup process.

  1. First, restart your Dell system.
  2. Then press the “F2” key several times.
  3. Next, a system setup screen window will appear on your system.
  4. Press the “Right Arrow” on your keyboard and wait until the “Exit” menu is highlighted.
  5. Tap the “down arrow” and choose the “Load Optimized Defaults” option.
  6. Tap the “ENTER” button.

Solution 2 – Infection with the virus

A virus or malware can cause read / write errors on the disk, such as error code 0146 on your Dell system. If you can start Windows, use a reliable antivirus and anti-malware program to analyze and repair the virus infection. Use the built-in Windows Defender program for this. Just run a full PC scan to remove all viruses / malware.

Solution 3 – Run a registry scan

If the error 0146 results from program corruption, the underlying reason may be damage to the registry. Therefore, it is advisable to run a registry scan and fix it.

  1. Go to Start> type cmd> right-click Command Prompt> select Run as administrator.Dell Laptop Error Code 0146
  2. Now type the command sfc / scannowDell Laptop Error Code 0146
  3. Wait for the scan process to complete, and then restart your computer. All corrupt files will be overwritten upon reboot.

Solution 4 – Try Safe Mode and Clean Boot

To start the system in Safe Mode followed by a clean boot, you must remove any connected devices such as the printer, Wi-Fi adapter, or modem, and so on. After disconnecting the devices, do the following:

  1. Turn off the system
  2. Press the power button and immediately start pressing the F8 key continuously until the Advanced Boot Options screen appears.
  3. Use the arrow keys to select safe mode with networking, and then click Enter.
  4. Sign in and press ‘Windows + R.’
  5. Type msconfig. click OK. ‘
  6. Click the General tab in the System Configuration Utility window, and then click Selective Startup.
  7. Clear the checkbox “Load startup items”.
  8. Click the Services tab and select the “Hide all Microsoft services” checkbox.
  9. Click on the ‘Disable All’ button and reboot the system.