Dell Printer Error Code 016-302

Dell Printer Error Code 016-302

Dell Printer Error Code 016-302


Dell printers are one of the amazing devices offered by the Dell organization. It offers an exceptional printing service. But sometimes, users encounter difficulties when using the Dell printer. A printer error may be a paper jam, cartridge clog, print quality problem, and so on. One of the problems is the Dell printer error code 016-302. This error displays the error message on the computer screen by saying “Restart Printer”. Users are irritated because of this error because it appears again and again on the screen.

Dell Printer Error Code 016-302

Steps to solve Dell Printer Error Code 016-302

Step 1: Firstly you have to remove any print command from the queue and you have to clear the path of the print in the queue and then try to reprint again.

Step 2: It is possible that if you have given multiple commands at the same time the print commands have been stuck in the queue and the device is not able to print the document so clean the queue and then print again.

Step 3: Changing the IP address of your Dell device will also help in troubleshooting the issue.

Step 4: To do so, you have to reset the network settings of the device and then add the printer again to your system or install it again if required.

Step 5: After that, go to the “printer settings” and then add the new IP address there

Step 6: It may be possible that due to over-heating the print commands have stuck in the queue and have resulted in the error. So turn the device off and wait for it to cool down, and if any paper is stuck in the printer then remove it when the printer cools down after turning it on.

Step 7: It may be possible that it is due to the outdated printer driver and firmware so make sure that you have the latest firmware and drivers installed on your printer.

If you can not find the appropriate solution from this blog, you can choose an online help desk where two entities communicate with each other through an online chat. You can expose your printer to technical experts who will always try to solve your problems.